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Full Version: Gyms, Blythe Ca
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I've been doing searches for gyms around the Quartzsite, Blythe area. I found two in Blythe that appear to be locally owned. From what I can find, there are no big chain gyms around that area at all.

Does anyone have experience with those two gyms? I'm wondering what they charge and if they have showers. One is called Body Zone and the other is CrossFit Rendition. I'm probably going to call them and ask about types of membership etc but if anyone has direct experience I'd appreciate the info. I see myself being in or around that area most of the coming winter.

One of the things that is going to influence where I go is gym availability. I work out at least 3-4 days a week and would fall apart mentally and physically in no time without doing so. I'll bring dumbbells with me but that's not going to do it in the long run.

Many use other items as weights like canned goods or milk crates full of rocks, if you think about it you can get plenty of exercise by just getting your van stuck. For me that would be about the best motivation to exercise!
In small town rural areas gyms are few and far between. most people in those areas get their work out from doing actual physical work so they don't go to gyms.

if you want a work out this winter look me up, I will put a shovel in your hand and I will charge you 1/2 the price of a gym, LOL.

I've thought about rigging some type of pulley system to the rear bumper along with the dumbbells. I'll update when I get info on those two gyms. Been meaning to call them for a while now..
so I take that as a no to shoveling? LOL highdesertranger
Be fore warned that a large prison is just outside of Blythe and a lot of the guys at the gyms are prison guards. I’ve found them to be a bit paranoid of unfamiliar people.

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My mamma told me I'd end up driving a shovel or washing dishes if I didn't stay in school and damn if she wasn't right. I've done both at various points in my illustrious past.

Well, I think I may be a little bit paranoid around prison guards so we'll be even. (not that I've had the opportunity to spend any time around them). Thanks for the head's up. Oh good, I have to go through a checkpoint leaving AZ and then hang out with prison guards????

Edit: With Blythe being so close to the border, if I were a gambling man, I'd bet most of them are on the juice..