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Full Version: Where are the stars of "Without Bound" now?
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I'm sure most of us know of the video, heck it was one of the ones that turned the lightbulb on for me.  We are regularly updated on Bob's life, but what about the other stars?  Are they still on the road?  Happy and healthy?  Fallen on hard times?  Returned to sticks and bricks?  I'm curious how long I will be on the road and wonder how many stay out there indefinitely.
stars? highdesertranger
....those depicted in the documentary.
Randy, Laurie, and Cheri are all healthy, happy and still on the road. Steve passed away a few years ago. I think Steven is living in a house now. I don't know Josh, Meisha, or Chris but I found the Manwaring's facebook page and it looks like they are still on the road.
thanks for posting the link! i haven't seen this before...very inspirational Smile