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Full Version: need more views on your youtube channel?
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Most of the youtube channels have a schedule for which days they post videos. Sunday seems to be the most popular choice for posting, Weds is another popular choice. Very few of them get posted on Saturday and Monday as it is too close to Sunday. On a Sunday I could not possibly want to devote the day to watching all the videos that are posted on the channels I subscribe to. I get burned out after watching just a couple of them.

What they don't realize is that if they were to post on the days that are less popular for scheduled releases they will capture more views because there won't be as many competing videos for people to choose from.
Could you watch them on a different day? Are they disappearing Monday?
You are full of good ideas, Maki. I'd like to be on a schedule but still am trying to adjust to #vanlife.
one of the things i like about vanlife, is no schedule...
Or, give your video a provocative title -- click bait -- so viewers with too many videos to watch pick yours out of the crowd. Or, much harder, make videos that are so good no one wants to miss one.
A youtube channel can lose subscribers for doing too much artificial click bait. But they will never lose subscribers for well presented, interesting content.
(07-13-2019, 06:54 PM)Bogart Wrote: [ -> ]Could you watch them on a different day? Are they disappearing Monday?

The video does not go away but if I have done a quick preview of the description without watching it the notice goes away and then I forget all about it. Which will happen to many of the channels I subscribe on this Sunday.

Tuesday is another very slow video day as is Thursday. Today Saturday only 2 of the 30 or so channels I subscribe to have posted anything but tomorrow Sunday more than half of them will post. So that means I might watch what look to the the 3 most interesting ones.

What is funny is that for many nomadics everyday of the week is as good as the old workday weekends were. But they still stick to that habit of thinking that somehow everyone is only watching videos on the weekends.
There a lot more people in the 9 to 5 world watching than people already doing it. First day views are important IIRC.
Monday night during the football season is unlikely to be the best time to post a new video if your audience is primarily men. Sunday night is when the PBS channels put on their blockbuster drama shows and women are a big part of that audience. So I should think whatever was the most boring night of the week  for TV might make the best night for youtube viewing.  

For 9 to 5 people not on the road they would be watching the shorter TV or youtube on week nights and but many people tend to be watching more of the longer time span things such as movies with friends and family on the weekends. Understanding the watching habits of viewers is important. So you would want to do some of your own market research and see if it makes a difference in number of views based on the day of the week you post a video. And also possibly doing some seasonal adjustments to your posting schedule such as not doing it on big sports game days and nights.
It seems that having an attractive young woman doing yoga in a bikini, usually helps gets a lot of YouTube views.

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