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Full Version: Temporary use of a cargo van?
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Ive been of and on this forum getting great ideas for converting my well maintained 60,000 mile 2003 E-250, but what if you only use it a handful of weeks a year as a rv/ camper van, and the rest of the time it's your work van?

My van is registered as commercial, with NY commercial plates on it. I use it for my cabinet making business. I also want to possibly put a high top on it for the extra work storage. My thought is to make a travel van complete with a 2X3' toilet area for emergencies, storage cabinets, and convertible bed just in case... The wife and I dont plan to live in it daily, we would be stopping at motels for the night, and cruise in comfort. Everything in the van for travel would be totally un-boltable and removable to still use the van as my everyday work van. My main reason for posting is..... what do I need to be concerned about doing this? its registered commercial, and not as a class b or RV, and listed as Van on my title.  The van is also lettered on both sides for my business. and I believe its registered for maximum payload weight for its class. So the really big question is... should I change the class of the vehicle? and if I do, could I still use it for my main work van as a B class van? Or do I need to find another truck or van for what I want to do legally?

my van now
I have the same needs but a little different as my working days are ending and my days on the fly increasing, I will take a more flex-able build the only hard wired item will be the battery box and controller all 12 volt system No blocked windows or blocked doors the only other furniture may be a bunk bed still allowing a 6 x 6 ft fleamarket 
stuff tables etc area. The silver jewelry making /living area will be very flexible  and WELCOME by the way. Some areas commercial plates are not as welcome as res plates I will be going with res plates but my needs differ from most people In SF commercial plates in a residential area are suspect.
I have a 86 chevy "work G20 Van",Rack on top, I also have a built in potty ,on the driver side a fold up Plywood bed Frame-(cushions at home when Working),(second battery)under van right side for accessories,.I retired, but I can still use the van either way.115 Receptacle hookup on driver side if power available,to small battery charger,I have a 5 watt solar panel i keep on the dash too.when van just sits.
sparky1in s.Va.
do you think I would draw less attention with passenger plates and no name on the van?
 Yep, you could easily build a fold up bed and removable galley in your work van.
I personally would leave the signwriting / plates as they are. Sometimes the opposite to stealth works out better as people think you're simply working away on the road, besides its good advertising for your business. In fact I would make the sign graphics stand out more, that way its a kind of reverse stealth.
Reverse stealth.... interesting idea.  I suppose no one would really expect it to be a living space on wheels that way... I actually told my wife that I could pack my tools in it, and do projects for family and friends across the country. She thought it was a great idea. They would easily stow under the sofas or bed. a small trailer could work for larger jobs where more tools are required.

I met a guy that installed walk in showers across the US for a company He basically traveled in his truck pulling his tools from state to state every week. He had an 8' trailer that he could put sheets of plywood in 

now the wheels are spinning in my head
Hi daminc,
 Reverse stealth is good, works for me. I work the eastcoast of Australia in my trucks. pictured. My web link might give you some ideas

If your vehicle remains commercial I think you can claim back a fuel rebate in the U.S (we have a Diesel fuel subsidy here for working interstate vehicles.) worth checking. 


great rig are you on the road now I am a "wanabee on the road now"
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