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Full Version: Keeping supplied.
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their a little more now, but i bought my water filter from monolithic marketplace, titled "just water".
i paid 37$ for the spigot, ceramic filter with sleeve and the washers. i already had the buckets. that was with S/H too.

what i liked about it, besides being cheap, is that it still works great and i could use any size bucket i wanted. i used two 2-gallon buckets so i could lift it when full. it is supposed to make up to 7 gallons a day, but i can usually get 3 gals, easily. i can turn on the spigot and drain into a couple 1 gal containers to stock up.
it works best with rainwater. my son and i made ours in 1/2 hour. used dremmel tool to make small hole then pushed spigot and washers on that. once every 2 weeks of daily use, i clean it all out, scrub the filter, and shake it. thats to reactivate the charcoal in the filter. it makes the best water. i also drilled a couple small air holes in top of bucket to release pressure.
i imagine you could use larger or smaller buckets. i used what i had. let me see if i have a pic?
WR- thanks so much for the heads up. Ive been doing some research and what i've come up with is that Sawyers 3-way, squeeze and walmart filter bottles all use the same inline filter cartridge....what differs is the attachments and adaptors each comes with. Most reviews I have read are pretty equally in favor of each model depending on anticipated use.

The 3 way is about $10 more and has the faucet extension. The squeeze comes with the collapsible bottles and needs $5 adaptors to work inline with a hydration reservoir. The walmart bottle is cheapest, and needs someone good at rigging stuff up like macgyver.

My initial thinking is that I would not necessarily need a faucet extension nor to use it with the hydration reservoir.i will probably get the squeeze and the adapters to set up a gravity system with my dromedary bag or platypus bladders. My dividend is at REI along with the 20% of coupon, so it will essentially be free.

Good to see you around!
Hi Tara,
In Oz its further between towns when you get away from the cities so country Aussies naturally hoard food.

 When I'm living aboard the yacht, I'm alway thinking of my water storage and allow 1 gallon (4ltrs) of water per person per day. I installed 3 bladder water tanks (under the cabin sole/floorboards)  which gives a combined storage of (600ltrs) around 160gallons + there is a canvas bimini I set up to catch rain water after maybe a gallon of flushing water cleans it.

 As far as food is concerned aboard ship there's lots of rice, cous cous, pasta, I always keep a store of backup tinned foods, meats, tuna, soups, as well as long life tortilla's,rice crackers, powered soy milk and boxed tofu.

I apply the same principle to the motorhome as I often work in some really isolated places, obviously can't carry as much water but will carry portable bladder water tanks with me and get as close to my destination as possible, fill them up in the last town en route, lay them out on the floor till I get there and store them onsite in the cool under the motorhome. Similar food stores but take notice of local farms close by selling eggs, vegies, meat. Will get on my bike and recon the general area when I'm there for such places.
All else fails write down a list of the food you like to eat per week and budget / buy it to last that time (as Willy said a months worth is good) or scounge off another happy camper nearby (just for one night till you get to the shop) . I've given others some of my food in the past so I hope someone will return the favour.
Between the two I'm always rotating the stock so it does get used and is not waisted.
How do you move the bladder when it is full, isn't it too floppy?
 I have another spare one I siphon some water into on the ground when I get there, then drag the other one out half full (on a carpet square, not as heavy this way) these things a bloody tuff and don't taint the water.
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