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I grew up out in the country, but I've been living in cities most of my adult life, and now I'm back out wanting to get into the country, and every time I go park on BLM land, or NF or whatever, it seems I'm always low on something or other and have to cut my time short, to head in for stuff.

So I'm trying to keep in the habit of always having enough that I can go a week or two at least, but it seems I always forget SOMETHING!

Usually it's water.  I'm really bad about that. I can go thru 2+ gallons a day, with cooking, and drinking (I drink well over a gallon of water every day myself). But I run short/out of all sorts of things all the time.

So I find myself spending more time in cities, near a place where I can easily fill up my water, or whatever, instead of out in nature where I'd rather be.  When I do get out in nature, I only get to spend a few days, or maybe a week if I happen to be KNOW I'm going out in nature.  A lot of times I just happen to be wherever I happen to be.

I guess what I need to do is keep extras of all the things I usually keep, and maybe I should carry even MORE water around (right now, when I'm full of water, I'm at 12 gallons)  I have 1 5 gallon jug, and it's just heavy enough that it's a pain to deal with, so normally it sits full in the corner, and I just don't use it if I can avoid it, and I call it my 'emergency water'.

It seems my gypsy, wandering, nomad lifestyle is at odds with the always be well supplied lifestyle

How does everyone keep well supplied, and what does "well supplied" look like?

With Love,
Tara there are camping systems and chemical tablets for water purification if you are near any water but it is not a subject that I am familiar with so I will let someone else chime in on the water issue...

as for food supplies look into dehydrated foods.  You can buy everything from powered sour cream and Worcestershire sauce to dried fruits and vegetables.  This gives you many options for carrying lots of supplies in a small space without refrigeration.  One thing I always keep on hand is Nido which is powered whole milk. And much better than boxed powdered milk. I use it as substitute for regular milk.   You can sometimes find this in the Mexican food section of wal-mart and other grocery stores... careful though a little goes a long way... When I first started using it I put about half a table spoon in my oatmeal... it tasted like I used cream.

I wrote a couple of articles on my blog about dehydrated foods and where to find them.
 Water is the big one when it comes to supplies. When camping out in the desert my motto is 'Too much is never enuf.' Food.. got at least a month's worth, if not more, squirreled away. ..Willy.
Interesting !
Yesterday I went an bought $75 worth of dry goods at a Grain Supplier called Grain Process in Toronto Canada.
Think I saved about $150 + dollars doing so. buy in bulk and keep them in 5 gal plastic food grade pails or in mylar, or in small useable sized container and put the rest inside a vacuum pack of some sort inside a cooler/metal container to keep the rodents out! 

I suggest to always carry water, 5 gal minimum spring/summer/fall for drinking then what you need in Winter time, which varies depending on your vehicle. Plastic should not be frozen water, breaks down the plastic. This way you can filter water for cooking/drinking and determine if you need it filtered for washing cloths etc. 

Hope this helps

Make or buy your own Water Treatment system.
Online look for Berkey filters, home made on YouTube. 

mine is from 
here is what I have 

Sawyer 3 Way Water Filter 

This convenient filter can be used as an inline filter on a hydration pack, a pre-filter for an existing pump system with the provided faucet adapter, or with a gravity bag. Includes: Sawyer PointONE™ 0.10 Absolute Micron Inline Water Filter, Faucet Adapter, Hydration Pack Assembly Kit, Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions. Weight: 1.8 ounces. Life Expectancy: 1 Million Gallons Guaranteed.


Ceramic Filters and info here

LifeStraw water filters

 I have something like that LifeStraw filter that I've kept in my emergency kit for something like a decade now. Haven't had to use it, but better safe than sorry. ..Willy.
Good thread. I was going to pick up a sawyer squeeze filter this weekend. Will check out the three way before I do that.

I love my Sawyer. You can fill a pop bottle then turn it upside down and drain into the Sawyer, filling a clean container. You can also run a tap with very low pressure and do the same, but found it easier to just fill from jug to jug.

Also for the price the Lifestraw is an awesome piece of KIT !!
very small, very lightweight so if your boating or hiking awesome. You can also fill a bottle turn the straw upside down and filter into another container for fresh water. That way you do not have to spit out the clean water into the pot to cook anything with.. LOL..
I have a water filter, for backpackers, but I've never ever used it.  The places where I was camping close to water, well I happened to have plenty of water WITH me, so I didn't need to use it

I did try a few times, I went searching for water, and I even found on maps, stream here, so I go there, and sure enough there WAS a stream there, but not anymore. Or at least not above ground.  GRR
Not sure where you camp at all, if it rains you can collect the rain water easy enough, filter it and drink it.

Yes, in the Summer the water runs dry here as well, unless it is a bigger river. With the proper filter your set though, if there is even some water. Look up how to make some easy solar stills and solar/dew water collectors. Might help to lengthen the stay  a bit. 
tara, sorry to have to tell you this but we all age. So--write it down, list, list, list. At an expedition rendevoux held in the desert of SoCal a couple of weekends back I saw a 7 gallon soft container for water. Think of a camelback but 7 gallons. The advantage to this is when its empty it rolls up--takes up less space. I forget the name (age, tara) but I'm sure a Google search would turn up plenty. I also bet our down under buddies have some good ideas for water storage. rok? paws?
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