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Full Version: America the beautiful access pass
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Greetings,  I hope this is posted in the correct forum?

Has anyone taken advantage of the USGS America the beautiful access pass? If so would you mind sharing your experience?

Thanks in advance, 

Jeff and Lynnette
I have the lifetime senior pass. It was only $10 when I got mine. It is great for visiting fee areas. There is also 50% off camping in a lot of the parks. Hand them your drivers license and the pass and they hand it back asking if you need maps or brochures. It will all depend on how often you go (and stay at a campground) if it is worth it to you. If you're a senior, get it, you won't be disappointed if you travel.
They're great if you're going to spend a lot of time in areas with a good number of facilities. The version for seniors also gets you half off campsite fees at Forest Service, BLM and other federally managed campgrounds
I just used it for half off in NC. One trip and it paid for itself. Life time senior pass for me.
Me, too.

Free access to all the National Parks, plus half off campgrounds.

Corps of Engineer campgrounds are especially nice.
I've found it really great for boondocking as you can use all the services (most around me have free showers, wifi, shady areas, fishing and swimming beaches) and enjoy the park and surrounding area then sleep on BLM land just outside the park at night for free. No major grocery for many miles so stock up. Most parks out west have BLM land nearby. If you have a disability you fill out a form at the gate and the pass is free for entrance to all National Parks and 1/2 off on most camping.
I have heard that some campgrounds in state parks also give a 50% discount to us holders of the federal "geezer card." Who sez getting old and decrepit is all bad?  :-)
Some military also get the "access" pass even if they are not disabled. Maybe this is only for new vets.

The annual pass is good if you don't qualify for the access or senior pass, gives you free admission to national parks and other federal day use, but no camping discount.
Its silly to not have one if you can stop talking about your 1960's glory days long enough  Cool
Ordered and received mine last week. SmileSmile It came really quickly.. in just ? 3 or 4 days.
I'm gonna love it!
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