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Full Version: Covering Insulation?
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Not sure if there's a better subforum for this topic but it has to do with post inlsulation installation.

I'm looking for a thin, lightweight, affordable, and cosmetically appealing covering for the walls and ceiling to cover up the insulation after I install it. I'm considering thinsulate (for the insulation) right now.. but I haven't made a final decision yet.

I'm a textbook overthinker. All help is much appreciated, thanks!
After you install your foam insulation you can use foamboard to cover it up, they sell for a dollar at the dollar store (in school supply section). Its very light and flat. Just cover the foamboard with self stick covering you can buy at home depot or walmart, it cost about 8 dollar a row.
Since its very light you can use velcro to hold it on in case you want to remove later. 

I use to just cover the foam insulation with the self stick but its not flat like foamboard. It makes for a neater look.

Here is a picture of the inside of my van.
Perfect for my budget! I had a friend that used thick wooden boards to cover up her insulation and it added a ton of unnecessary weight to her van.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll head to a few places and see what I'm able to find! Smile
I always try to use 1/8 plywood. not MDF(medium density fiberboard) but true plywood. 1/8 plywood is lightweight, strong, and bends easy to conform to curves. unless you are planning on secure anything to the wall then you would need a heavier wood. highdesertranger
If you use 1/8" plywood I recommend priming both sides with a mold resistant primer. Sometimes moisture does get behind the wall coverings so it is important that the wood be protected so that it can inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

Zinsser (a Rustoleum product) does make a water based version that is a mold killing primer. It is pretty easy to find in various hardware, home center, and paint stores. It dries fairly fast and you can roll it on so applying it won't slow your project down too much.
(08-10-2019, 10:31 AM)cutieXpanda Wrote: [ -> ]...thin, lightweight, affordable, and cosmetically appealing...

How about fabrics?
(08-10-2019, 06:30 PM)MrNoodly Wrote: [ -> ]How about fabrics?

I was actually thinking about using some type of fabric. Do you have any recommendation? Doing this kind of thing isn't my forte. Any advice helps.

Also with the 1/8" plywood idea, I was also considering that a while ago before I bought my van.. then I figured I would use plywood to cover my floors and didn't want to have the entire interior matching.. unless plywood comes in multiple styles? (i'm COMPLETELY lost when it comes to this kind of stuff, lol). Mold is the last thing I want, especially in such a small space. I'm sure I'll be able to find some type of primer if I go with plywood!

I have off of work and no plans tomorrow. I'll head to a few places and check all of these ideas out! I don't plan on hanging anything heavy (or anything at all) from my walls at this point, but that could definitely change.
(08-10-2019, 08:14 PM)cutieXpanda Wrote: [ -> ]...unless plywood comes in multiple styles?
Um, that's what paint it for, no?
Don't know what kind of vehicle you are talking about. If the walls are straight like our cargo trailer we added thin primed then painted wood over the insulation and walls that came with. We were going for the most insulation we could get and have a good deal of cargo weight available.

If you have curves maybe polywall board will work. We used it along the curves of the trailer ceiling. I covered it with vinyl we bought a JoAnn's and some adhesive and it came out great.

Tomorrow I'm going to try it on the front cap area so I have another piece. I will also test to see if it going to see if it holds paint. I'll let you know. As for the vinyl, it's awesome but here is my story on why I was able to use it:

We were stuck on what to use at the time and finally I said, "Let's go to JoAnn's and just walk around and see if anything looks like it would work. We both gravitated to the same piece of vinyl. I wanted it. Looked to my right, the price tag was $39 a yard (very wide yard) and thought forget that! (I needed almost 6 yards). Then I looked towards my right. There was a sale tag for 60% off! Got it for about $13.50 a yard. It looks great. I would have probably used material if the vinyl hadn't been on such a good sale.

We got the PolyWall at Home Depot. It's white and flexible in 4x8 size sheets.