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Full Version: 12 volt television
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Would like input on where to get a good quality 12 volt volt TV. Also reviews on which TV's are decent with options/ reliability.
Idk i went 120v cause i didnt want to pay hundreds extra to save maybe $10 worth of solar a week.
I get all my TV through my laptop with a USB TV-tuner.
I have a Majestic 12v it's rated for Marine and off road use. not cheap but for me I needed something that could handle the vibration of off highway driving. Jensen used to make a extreme duty or whatever they called it but the line is no longer on the website the last I looked. my buddy has a Jensen in his 4WD motor home it works fine for him. I plan on using one of Jensen's Heavy Duty stereos in my trailer. highdesertranger
Curiously more and more devices are native DC, the biggest coming down the pike being electric vehicles.

That does nothing to answer your question, but it does raise some interesting perspectives on electric history, and the future.

Hopefully we will start seeing more dc devices.
an electric vehicles propulsion system is not 12v. highdesertranger
I got a LG 24 inch smart model that came with an external power brick that took 120 VAC and converted it to 19.5 VDC. I cut the plug off of it and took a laptop 12 VDC to 19.5 VDC power supply and spliced the LG power end onto it. It is not ruggedized but I don't drive fast on washboard roads (sometimes less than 5 MPH) although I do venture down 2 track. It was cheap enough that if/when it dies, I will get another one.
Thank you all. I am going to check out HDR's suggestion. I take a lot of Off Roads, old stage coach trails thru the mountains etc... A TV that can take abuse  would be for me. I am going for 12v DC because I like to conserve my battery bank especially in the winter. Inverter consumes power.
I have a 24 inch 120v TV that plugs into my inverter. No one travels rougher than I do and the TV has been fine for years. It cost much less than a 12 volt version. I had a 12 volt 15 inch TV/DVD player but once I had to have a inverter it didn't matter.
(08-11-2019, 03:54 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]an electric vehicles propulsion system is not 12v.  highdesertranger

Not even close lmao

Nor DC
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