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Full Version: Another trailer hitch lock not to get.
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It's the Tow Smart trailer coupler lock, that you can get at Home Depot. You can just slide a shim down the side and open it right up.

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hahahaha nice, that's like old Toyota's that you cold unlock with a pencil in under 1 second. highdesertranger
Thieves sometimes just use your own safety chains. They fasten the chains to their vehicle and drag it off. You can put hooks on both ends of your chains and store them.
Often the front piece of the trailer is held in place with bolts. You are locking a part that can just be unbolted and replaced.
This is about as good as locks get The meat of the video starts around 2:45.
easy to pull a trailer with safety (or other chains).

Best way I know to stop all but the most determined thief is to remove enough wheels so they have to drag the trailer.  They'll leave a trail, get noticed and stopped soon.