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Full Version: 0vernight stops
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when using  Walmarts,casinos,or freeway rest stops is it better to park in the lighted areas or away from them my van being blue and white is not very stealthy
also staying fairy urban during the week how many different spots would i need to rotate to avoid problems
 We park in Walmarts and casinos a lot. At Walmarts it's best to park away from the main entrances, preferably on the edges of the lot so that you're not taking up valuable customer parking. Park under the lights if you feel more comfortable in a lighted area. As long as the Walmart allows RV overnight parking( most do but large cities especially ones in tourist areas sometimes prohibit it) stealth isn't necessary. If we're staying in one city for a week we try to use a different lot after about three or four days. We're always gone during the day and just use the lot for sleeping at night.

 A lot of casinos have a section for RV parking. Look for that first and if you don't find one just follow the same guidelines as you would in a Walmart. Casinos don't mind if you stay in their lot for days without moving but many have a limit of days that you can stay.
ditto and remember to keep it clean no trailer trash.   I meant garbage left behind,, I have cleaned up after "some" overnighters to keep me from suspect.
We park at WalMarts and casinos, especially if there are other rigs around. We've found Safeway stores to be friendy also. Lots of truckstops welcome overnight stays.

Sometimes there are local laws that make it a no no, so check with manager or security if in doubt.

Roadside parks are ok most of the time too.

Many Loves and Flying J truckstops have dump stations that are real cheap if you have their club card.