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Hi everyone, 

We're here to announce some changes in Forum Rules. As you know, we have had a 10-Post Policy Requirement Before Posting a Link rule in place. The reason we started it was to combat spam, which is a constant problem for all largish websites. Specifically, some people were posting with a link just to sell or advertise something of theirs for their benefit and it did no good for anyone else, just them. Sometimes they would do it repeatedly, and there was no question it was just pure spam. To prevent that, we created the 10-Post Rule.
However, it had an unintended consequence—many people would join and post a link that had no benefit to themselves, it was just for the good of the community. Other times, they would have a desperate need for money and so they wanted to sell something just so they could survive, and it was also an item that would be a benefit to the community. It wasn’t spam at all, it was a desperate cry for help in a time of need.
Because it is hard to have a rule that isn’t clear cut, (you let them do it, why can’t I?) or to have to judge every post with a link, we allowed it to be a hard and fast rule with no exceptions. But that never set well with me.
Over the years many good people with good posts have been hurt or angered by our strict enforcement of the rule, and that is just unacceptable to me. 
Above everything else, this forum is dedicated to kindness and compassion and this policy tended to be neither.
So, we are going to change it. I’m hoping we can find a grey area that allows us to keep those selfish people who are joining only to spam us from being able to, but still let in the kind people who are here to post a helpful link.
I don’t know if we will be successful? Time will tell.
But we would far rather let a few take advantage of us, than risk harming the innocent who only want to be helpful. 
Here is the new rule. We hope you will work with us to find a middle ground through this minefield. 
Spammers who demonstrate they are using the forum only as a marketing platform will be banned.
That’s pretty simple isn’t it, but still leaves us room to take action against spammers. In this thread, give us your suggestions how we can make this work for everyone’s benefit? After all, you don’t like spam anymore than we do. Putting our minds together is much more likely to give us a good solution that works.

& Suanne
....better to free a thousand guilty men than to imprison one innocent...
So we all need to be alert to possible spam, and report those messages.
(09-22-2019, 05:10 AM)WanderingRose Wrote: [ -> ]So we all need to be alert to possible spam, and report those messages.

Yes, please.  Use the "Report" button and the moderators will check it out, quickly banning the user if it's spam.  Thank you.

PSA:  Protect yourself by checking out links to make sure they are safe prior to clicking on them, on this forum and any other site.  Here is a good resource article that will help you do that ...

Background:  Within MyBB, the software that this forum uses, users are automatically screened using a large database of known spammers.  This software automatically bans hundreds each month before they even get a chance to post here.  MyBB has made significant improvements in protecting forums from spammers since we implemented the ten-post rule over two years ago.
(09-22-2019, 10:11 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]so who deleted my post? 

I hid your post, requesting that you review it.  Please check your email.
Oops! I broke the rule! Before the rule change! How nice I didn't get spanked. If I make one more post I will be in compliance...
just so there is no misunderstanding I just voluntarily deleted my 2 post. thank you to those that thanked me. highdesertranger
also I want to thank you all who followed the rule and where understanding when you broke the rule. your willingness to follow the rules is commendable. unlike others who bitched, cussed, threatened Mods, and thought they were entitled to break the rules and how dare we interfere with them not wanting to follow the rule. highdesertranger
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