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Full Version: Questions about car insurance
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I may have found my vehicle - a 2009 SUV. I'll post more about it after the inspection and purchase take place, BUT my questions are about insurance. I'm trying to get quotes online and either get responses that say they're unable to provide a quote, or I'm quoted a sky-high figure.

I'm in NY now but plan to relocate my domicile within the next 6-9 months (I think). I'll be sleeping in and living out of the SUV, and it's just going to be insured as a regular car, I believe, since anything I do to it won't be a permanent conversion type thing.

My questions:

What are the basic insurance options?
Is there a good webpage somewhere that explains what the different kinds of coverage are?
Which companies or memberships are known for low rates?
Can anyone recommend an agent I can call and speak with?

If you have not had insurance in the past then... from the net...

"While your state will require you have at least your state's minimum liability insurance on your vehicle, if you have a lien holder on the vehicle, they will require you to carry liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehensive insurance (often termed "full coverage").".

Each insurer's web page will have the details for the different coverages. Where in NY will dictate the price for sure. A more rural address will typically get the cheapest rates. That and driving fewer miles per year.

That's about all I can offer. Others will chime in I'm sure.
Never, ever tell them you are living in it.
Whatever you do, don't mention there will be a bed of any kind. IF it comes up, tell them you might be tent camping a few times a year is the reason you bought it.

IF it is domiciled on a street, with no driveway or off-street parking in NY, expect the rates to be higher. 

IF you have no previous vehicle or homeowners or renters insurance history, expect the rates to be higher.

IF you have not taken a safety or drivers-ed course, expect the rates to be higher.

IF you have any tickets or accidents in a vehicle in the last 3 years, expect the rates to be higher.

IF you have bad credit, expect the rates to be higher.

In other words, the first few years can be expensive, until you establish a proven track record.

I would start out by calling Geico, just to get a baseline for comparison. Not saying they are the best carrier for you, but since they give quotes right over the phone, with no run-around, and sight unseen, it is easy to get some idea of the premiums you will pay. 

Yes they will check your credit, the VIN of the vehicle, and your driving record. 

Good luck....
not having a insurance history is why you are getting sky high quotes, oh yes being in New York City doesn't help one bit.

when I changed my address from the big city California to rural Arizona my insurance was cut in half for the same coverage with the same company.

Also get quotes for the zip code that you will be relocating to. An agent will share insurance options/coverages with you based on your current zip as well as the future zip. Also try to get quotes from as well as
This is probably a maybe or maybe not proposition, but they may not even want to give collision insurance on a 10-YO vehicle, eg 2009. Or if you had a wreck, they may just total the vehicle rather than repairing.

I'd be interested in other people's opinions or experience on this: ie, foregoing collision insurance on a 10-YO vehicle.

Not an SUV, but when I insured my van, they asked me if it would be used for commercial purposes and I said no, just for camping, and I was not going to do a build that needed to be insured. So the insurance cost came in about the same as for my regular SUV.
My residence is in NY and I started in a Chevy HHR which was classified as a SUV. I had no problem insuring it. It was a panel model without windows, so the DMV required commercial tags. The insurance company asked me if it was for business, I said no, that the DMV made me get that type tag. Insurance just said okay and charged me regular car rates. I had and still do have GEICO with my Dodge Caravan.
The November 2019 issue of Consumer Reports (just out) has an big article on car insurance, explains some needed items and lists the top-rated companies.

Should find it in local library or maybe library online. Online year subscription is like $30

Yes your credit rating and current location will matter greatly, also the repair cost of the vehicle or chance of theft of vehicle or area. A broker could be best initial bet for insurance.

Remember when you finally get out of city and car is registered someplace else the current company can relook at premium and you can again shop around for coverage. You Do Not have to wait for a policy to expire to get new insurance. You can start a new policy any time and then cancel the old. It might take a while (forever) to get a refund on any excess paid so that could be a good reason to pay month to month if possible even with the extra monthly charges.