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Full Version: Fridge advice needed
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We have an older Norcold (electric/propane). It works great on electric, but I'm unable to get it going on propane. It has an igniter which requires 12V that I'd like to bypass so I can light it manually.

I know this can be done, but I'm not sure what I need to do, remove, or disconnect as far as the 12V part that prevents it from firing.

Any suggestions??
On mine, I could light it manually when it first turned on, before the flame detector sensed it hadn't lit.  (about 30 sec)  It took two people, since the fridge switches are inside and it wasn't possible to run around the motorhome that fast.  It would then run until it got cold enough, and would fail to relight again.  In my case it was the control board, but it could have also been the ignitor or wiring.
LOL, I don't run very well anymore.
You would have to replace the gas valve with one using a pilot flame. You can replace the electronic igniter.

I had a old norcold and got it going by using my hand torch to heat the flame sensor.
This morning one of the fellows came over and got the fridge going. He's had some refrigeration like its supposed to now.

Man, there's some great folks in the RV community.
any idea what he did to get it to light. mine will not light either. thanks
There are 2 fuses in the igniter circuit (black box on the left). One of them was blown. Popped in a fresh one and bingo, we were good to go.
thanks I will check in the morning.
I hope your problem is as simple as ours to solve.
I hope so too. Let us know if that worked for you.