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Full Version: Los Algodones dentist recommendations
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I wasn't planning on going to Los Algodones this year..but life happens. I now find myself needing multiple caps on front teeth. I have had dental work done there before  and have been very happy with the outcomes, but front teeth??, I'm a little nervous about that. So...I am requesting dentist names for this.  Please only 1st hand knowledge (or 2nd hand if from your spouse/life partner).  want to know problems?, happy with final look?, multiple days to get done?, do they look natural? and anything else you think I need to know. You can PM me if you don't want to share on forum.

I'm on the road now (sometimes with limited wifi)  and won't be in southwest till Oct/Nov, so no hurry, but I am really stressed over this and need some guidance.  thanking you all in advance.
I have no firsthand knowledge, but youtuber Caravan Carolyn had some non-trivial cap work done a year ago or so in Algodones, and has had some significant follow-up problems. Possibly not the best choice in dentists.
JP Dental did quite a bit on my hubby. You can make an appt and they will meet you at the gate and walk you in.
thanks cammalu, did they do front crowns, do they look natural, is he happy with the outcome?

in my original post i said 'caps', now i think the word should be 'crowns'..maybe they are the same thing?
He had a crown and it looks great. It wasn’t the very front tooth but you can see it.
Didn't Bob do dentist visits to Alg in a video?
There are Yelp reviews for dentist in Algodones. That might help sort out the ones to avoid. Unless of course there is some deliberate dishing of dirt against the competition by friends of a different dentist. Such things can happen.