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Full Version: Ceiling Vent
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Any suggestions for an nv200 compact van? I will likely not be able to use a fantastic fan because it's too big. How are these vents installed and what is a good brand? Is there a bug screen with these things?
what do you mean by to big? unless you use a marine mushroom vent the RV/Van vents all use the same 14 x 14 hole. highdesertranger
There are lots of videos on youtube that show how to install the various vent fans in a van.

Yes they do come with bug screens.
Thank you. The NV200 has a weird ceiling and the square type vent would make more sense than the fantastic fan. The only way to do the fantastic fan is if it is up toward the front near the driver's seat. Maybe I could put in both for better air flow.
now I am even more confused(not hard to do). a Fantastic Fan, a Max Air and all the generic copies take the same square 14 x 14 inch hole. highdesertranger
Cynanne: Got a link to what you are talking about less than 14"?
Here is a pic of a TC with a 14x14 roof vent that I stole off the net:

wait are you talking about the ribs. if you are you can still add a vent. the old way was just to add enough butyl tape to fill in the gap, but someone recently posted a type of rib adapter that fill the voids. highdesertranger
thar she blows. thanks ABnorm. I just saw that clip the other day,

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