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Anyone have any feedback about Planet Fitness (for exercise and of course showers)? I'm planning to sign up today or tomorrow with the "Black Card" membership for $19.99, so I can visit any location worldwide and get free massage. I've never used Planet Fitness but have heard good things. Also, does anyone have a referral code? Please post it and I will use it when I sign up.
I have used PF for 3 years and like it overall. But I have 2 negatives:

(1) They take the monthly subscription out of yr bank account. With all the hacking going on, I don't like this one bit.

(2) The PF gyms tend to be located in large cities & college towns. I usually avoid big cities. In the West, some college towns are located near the federal lands where I mostly hang out, so that is good. And there is a trend for PF gyms to open up in some non-college towns, such as Cottonwood, AZ.

On the whole I like PF, but I am looking into joining Active and Fit, which reportedly lets members use the facilities of many gym chains. But so far I have not been able to meet an A&F menber to verify the favorable reports.
If you are old enough take a look at "Silver Sneakers" as it is a free program that many insurance companies offer at many gyms.
(10-01-2019, 09:12 AM)bullfrog Wrote: [ -> ]If you are old enough take a look at "Silver Sneakers" as it is a free program that many insurance companies offer at many gyms.
I'm in my 40's so not eligible for Silver Sneakers yet. It's a great program though, I have friends who use it.
Been a member 3 years. Essential part of van life for me
PF does the job, I have been using it for years. It's not the best gym experience but at half the price of the competition it's hard to complain much.
It's an ok place to workout if you're not an aspiring athelete. I mainly go for the,showers. But I workout too.
I went in a few times to ask some questions before signing up and one person told me there is a limit of 10 per month on using locations other than your home gym.
They don't really tell you that upfront unless you happen to deal with the right person. It's no where online either as far as I know. Im not sure how strict the enforcement is. I haven't had a problem yet but I haven't been keeping track of how many times I showered where.
I've only had 1 gym enforce that
C)PF Black Card Reciprocal Access: If you purchase a PF Black Card Membership, there are additional rules and limitations governing reciprocal access, including the requirement to sign in at any visiting (non-home club) location. Reciprocal access is limited to 10 visits per month to a visiting location. Additional fees may apply if you ex-ceed 10 visits to the same visiting club in a month. Each time you visit a club outside of the country in which your home club is located, an additional fee may apply.
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