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Full Version: Disaster w/insulation
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(11-08-2019, 09:44 PM)travelaround Wrote: [ -> ]Thinsulate SM 600L for insulation. R value is 5.2 ... Very pricey but so easy to install using spray adhesive. 
You can disregard my calculation, TA tells us the R value is 5.2.   ~crofter
I got the SM 600L Thinsulate from Amazon but I think there's a lower price at eBay. I got the idea for Thinsulate from this website:

Also see:
DIY Van Insulation For A Campervan Conversion | How To Install Insulation
For other ideas

I've got a cutting table set up in my cargo trailer. Basically all I needed was the Thinsulate, a good pair of scissors, and the 3M 90 spray adhesive (two to four cans). Also something to measure with.

My insulation -
The obvious downside of this method is the cost. Everything else seems good: nontoxic, ease of cutting and installation for a solo woman... etc.

My scissors -

I bought the spray adhesive at Lowes.

So far I've done the ceiling only except for the two end panels. I've measured for the walls and should get that cut and installed sometime this coming week. Ceiling installation was easy. Hide anything you don't want to accidentally get glue on. I got some on a shirt but was able to remove it, but not easily. I used a long bungee cord to support the insulation while I was installing it because I have no second person to help do that.

This is already making a big difference. Touching the insulation in the morning is nowhere near as cold as touching the uninsulated van wall.

Thanks for the links and pics on how to install Thinsulate, TA.  I notice that you are not propping it up, does the 3M 90 glue stick instantly? 

It is amazing what an instant improvement that insulation is.  I also noticed the soundproofing aspect in the van, if I don't have the door open I can't hear anything of what is going on outside. 

On installing the reflectix, I plan to use something like these trim retainers pressed into the holes in the ceiling ribs. May still need some battens if it sags.    ~crofter
@TA Do you think the 3M 90 glue will work to put up reflectix on the ceiling? It would be less expensive than buying fasteners.    ~crofter
The spray adhesive would probably hold up the reflectix but if that adhesive is going to fail if there's a lot of heat (like in summer) it would help to have something else there to hold everything up. I'm thinking of using 1x4 boards... and screws or nails to hold things up. This will be so much fun, to design the interior of our vans. Smile
Something else shiny and lightweight - I don't know who it was who told me to buy a cheap safety blanket to put in back of my buddy heater... I put it up like a backsplash and thought it was very pretty. It weighs almost nothing ... and I like the metallic, reflective look. That "blanket" was less than 3 dollars in the camping section of Walmart.
I guess with some types of insulation you must glue it down, like Thiosulfate. but for foam boards I just let the outer skin of 1/8 inch plywood hold it in place. in fact if you have like a cargo trailer or other project with flat walls and ribs you can just cut them the right size and they stay in place all by themselves. highdesertranger
(11-09-2019, 07:21 PM)travelaround Wrote: [ -> ]... cheap safety blanket to put in back of my buddy heater....
Manufacturer rating of the safety blankets converts to about 500 degrees F before it melts and burns. The safety blankets are not rated as fire resistant like reflectix, what I could find online. At 500 degrees a flame will show a dull red glow and is the first visible flame, so not that hard to reach that temp. Reference for this is Google, below.    ~crofter

At what temperature does the Space Blanket burn?  "500 degrees Fahrenheit
The blanket itself can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit but is extremely flammable and one spark can light it up immediately, potentially causing severe burns to the body."
(11-09-2019, 08:15 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]... project with flat walls and ribs you can just cut them the right size and they stay in place all by themselves.  highdesertranger
The Promaster van has a slightly curved roof line like a Vardo. I am hoping the glue will hold the XPS without using battens or wood.  Fingers crossed.    ~crofter
(11-10-2019, 01:22 AM)crofter Wrote: [ -> ]Manufacturer rating of the safety blankets converts to about 500 degrees F 
I found this stuff which seems to be less flammable, no plastics in it, but more pricey.   ~crofter
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