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Full Version: Insulating old blue bell
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my next project on the van is to insulate with reflectix
which tape is the best to use i have used Gorilla tape which is stronger than regular duct tape 
also can this insulation be used in double thicknesses
I just bought some reflectix at home depot and right beside it they displayed foil tape.
I figured this would be best to maintain the foil barrier?? It was only $3.39 a roll so I bought it. Then I bought a roll of gorilla duct tape just in case. (I needed some to have around anyways).
How did that work for you, the foil tape?  Ive used foil tape in the past and it has very crappy adhesion...but then i never stuck it to reflectix. 
I have not installed it yet. I am having 2nd thoughts about putting foil anything in the van. I have recently read some posts that it causes problems with reception for tv. I am also worried that it might restrict phone / data signals too.
Today i went and purchased my reflectix and gorilla tape but still cant decide if i should also do the bubble wrap beneath it
is it worth the extra cost
also did i see a link with pictures or just imagine that
it may help me decide