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Full Version: how to keep prius warm?
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We've been using an ElectroWarmth 12 volt BUNK WARMING PAD out in the Quartzsite desert for a COUPLE nights...……….

(I dropped my good-ole-Buddy heater and broke the ceramic)

I've had the Pad in the van for 2 years.....still in the package...….I thought "BackupHeat"...…'s been the Cat'sMeow for sleeping...…(But Damn the van is cold when you get up !)

It's a Twin 36x60 inches and NOW we have a Full size mattress so we put the pad crosswise at our feet...….UNDER the fitted sheet ON the mattress

0-10 on the control.....they suggest starting at 7....we used 5 to warm the bed and later 2 max while sleeping...….it was 40* outside

POWER ?...….I didn't measure anything......the 120/inverter coffee maker needed help in the AM so I just started the Generator.

I've never used a gallon of gas in below 0 weather in my Prius. Perhaps 2 night maybe a gallon of gas. You get use to the engine starting and stopping. I'm at 8,0000 feet right now and all I do is crack the window and set the temperature between 68 and 70. The Prius does the rest! I've been in my Prius since December work camping in Bryce Canyon.
My son has a 2013 (or 2014) Prius. The one place where my Mazda is far superior to his Prius is the heater; his car takes far longer to warm up than does mine.
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