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Full Version: South TX, Padre Island boondocking, experiences??
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CW, you should go to the Captains Logs section and check out Matala's rig. If anybody can get in there, he's the one.
Let’s try to tamp down panic and irrational fear, people.  Dodgy

I was there in January of this year, during the shutdown.  By myself.

As a woman traveling alone with a dog, I decided to drive down and check things out, and if it looked like the wild, wild West I would turn around and come back. 

The entire area was actively patrolled on the ground and in the air by Border Patrol as well as NPS employees, even during the shutdown, and there were no problems whatsoever.

Water was on in the NPS parking lot, pit toilets and dumpsters were being emptied and everything was very civilized.

Lots of people camping on the beach, including me. There were rigs of all sizes, but so much room to spread out that you didn’t feel crowded.

The beach area within the NS is very flat and firm and hospitable for vehicles, which is not the case at South Padre.

There was a private campground on the way in that let you empty your tanks and refill with fresh water for $4.

We have no idea what happened to these two people, and what the circumstances were when they encountered whatever they did, but all experienced travelers know you can run into trouble anywhere, anytime.  Including a WalMart parking lot.

I hope these people are safe, tho it doesn’t sound good.

However, an isolated incident of missing RV’ers does not a hellhole make.
Not to increase fervor or to make a hell hole out of perceived mole hill.  Last night around 8:00 pm I heard 2 round bursts of gunfire for about 45 minutes, then escalated to automatic gunfire at close intervals for approximately one hour. I am camped within 2 miles of the border on a hillside overlooking the border. It interrupted my viewing of a Poldark episode. I scanned the area for muzzle flash but could not see any. Sound carries here, must have been further away than I thought .  A lot of activity on the dirt roads here that are usually dormant at night.
Yep, you’re near South Padre and almost at the border.

It’s the area east of Corpus Christie, Padre Island National Seashore, I was referring to.

Very hospitable for rigs of all sizes, and very safe.

Thanks, everyone, for the input. The fact of the missing couple doesn't sway me one way or another. People go missing all the time. If that type of news sways your camping plans then be sure that you DO NOT watch the YT episodes of National Forest missing persons. Smile

Padre Island National Seashore sounds great and that's where I'll point my nose if I head that way.
Will not sway me either. The only thing to deter me is the salt spray. But I will make my way to the Texas coast eventually.  I am on the  Arizona border site non- disclosed.
Possibly a bit off topic but another national land disappearance reminds me of the doc "missing 411." should check it out. The number of missing persons on public land is staggering.
After I read some Escapees articles about having to put petroleum jelly on nuts and bolts of their motorhome to prevent rust during their winter stay I decided to do day trips to the beach.
Hmm...I baby my rig and I didn't factor in the salt variable, that might be a deal changer for me. I need to do my homework.
My rig wasn’t built to be babied, but I for sure am Leary of salt corrosion. Certain death to the mightiest structures.
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