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Full Version: South TX, Padre Island boondocking, experiences??
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I have a couple of favorite beaches and just make sure to hit a good car wash for a thorough scrub when I leave, tho this one is the only one where I am directly on the beach.

I don’t stay for weeks, either, but PINS is really an amazing experience.
As an alternative there are inexpensive RV parks in the area. November the 6th my DW and I are heading to one in Los Indios, near Brownsville and South Padre Island. The park I'm staying at is only a couple miles from the border. They offer safe day trips for us seniors seeking low cost meds, dental work, eye glasses, tequila, genuine Mexican food, etc. The cost is reasonable, from $160 - $220/mo. Most guests like it so much they return every year, forming a tight knit community of close friends. You can even find FHU RV parks in the area right on the water so you can fish without even leaving the park for $220/mo. The main advantage to the area is the mild winter weather, saving on heating costs and making for a more enjoyable winter. The area can be as safe or unsafe as you make it - like most US cities. Just use good judgement and common sense (staying away from bad areas on both sides of the border, especially alone and at night) and you'll be fine.

@WanderingRose is right about Padre Island National Seashore area; it's for the most part very safe and well maintained. It's South Padre Island you might want to avoid, as was mentioned.

As to the salt environment, don't drive your vehicle in the water, which is common sense, but you have the salty air for lack of a better term, and you need to go to a car wash regularly. They have many that you can drive through that sprays the bottom as well as the rest of the vehicle. If you do this once every couple of weeks, you will be okay.
Safety in numbers.
Maybe a caravan?
Mustang Island state Park is on the island, too, tho unexciting it offers showers and electricity.

For me, it is about the beach down there, which is spectacularly beautiful to be able to camp directly on.

Been three times for several days at a time, have a good scrub when I leave and never any problems.
I should think that the established places like the NS and SP would have pretty decent safety as Rose indicates. Also, for the very bold, as I recall, one can drive about 15 miles down the beach on North Padre ... during low tide. Not for the faint of heart.

Bingo! If you like to fish, that's the place to go. My dad and uncles had what the called "sacrificial vehicles" or "beach buggies," as they were sometimes referred to as to do just that. A cheap jaloppy that ran good, but once it rusted out, scrap it and buy another. But the surf fishing, dang, some of the finest there is at the right time and right tide.
Very true, and some of the most beautiful beach Texas has to offer if you know where to go. I like to camp on the beach, and take seine nets, crab traps, and the proper fishing gear; I keep a grill hot, yum, it doesn't get any fresher. Catch some crabs and fire up the boiler, or grill them, oh my!
Rockport and Port Aransas are nice areas and as safe as any i have been to...
but yes, the mosquitoes are relentless if your not in the breeze on the beach!
This couple identified as remains found on the beach a few days ago.

Their truck and trailer are still missing.

This looks to be the general area where I have been three times, without incident or fear.
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