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Full Version: Dallas, Tx next?
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Hi everybody. I've been living in my 22' fifth wheel since the beginning of feb , when I got laid off from a nice construction job in chattanooga, Tn. Since then, I've struggled to find decent work here in the trial state area, with not much luck. Some temp work, a little house painting and such, but far less pay. I finally called and BEGGED my former project manager to find a location for me. He hooked me up with a project in Dallas. Here's the kick- IF I get to go, I have to go next week. Not much time to prepare! I don't know WHERE in salad it is, but if anyone is in the area that could rent me a spot in their driveway, or reccomend a cheap campground ( I paid $300/mo for the first month with water, sewer and large shed inc, elec extra, so preferably cheaper than that) or who would like to get together after I arrive, that would be great.
Pm me if you prefer,
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its on a brief vacation.
Overworked and underpaid?
exactly :-)

God save us from S Job's auto correct.
God save us from S Job's auto correct.
Hey Les, I'm staying in San Marcos, TX but working in Waxahatchie, TX at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. It's something to see for sure. If you make it out come find me at the Medieval Moccasins booth.