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Full Version: Dallas tx next?
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Hi everybody. I've been living in my 22' fifth wheel since the beginning of feb , when I got laid off from a nice construction job in chattanooga, Tn. Since then, I've struggled to find decent work here in the trial state area, with not much luck. Some temp work, a little house painting and such, but far less pay. I finally called and BEGGED my former project manager to find a location for me. He hooked me up with a project in Dallas. Here's the kick- IF I get to go, I have to go next week. Not much time to prepare! I don't know WHERE i Dallat, but if anyone is in the area that could rent me a spot in their driveway, or reccomend a cheap campground ( I paid $300/mo for the first month with water, sewer and large shed inc, elec extra, so preferably cheaper than that) or who would like to get together after I arrive, that would be great.
Pm me if you prefer,