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Full Version: Best place to rent an RV for Quartzite?
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I hope this is the right section to post this. I am considering renting an RV - probably b class - to attend Deborah Dickenson's Rice Ranch event, Dec. 8th through 12th in Quartzite. I'm coming from the Verde valley area of AZ and want to try it out to see how much I like RVing. I've always though I would but have not been sure enough to pull the trigger.

Any idea of the most reasonable place to rent it from?

Thank you in advance!
Start with Offerup and Craigslist. The commercial places will rape you for $1 per mile on top of the rental fees.

Some people buy one cheap, use it, then resell it.
Thank you! If I rent one in Quartzite (if that's possible) there won't be many miles on it.

I just need it for 5 days so buying one seems rather crazy :-)
The last time I checked on RV rental prices (a few years ago) it seemed they charged about the same as hotel accommodations for a family of four, since that's what they imagine they're providing.

But rather than rely on our info, goggle around, check actual prices, read Yelp reviews, etc.
Maybe I'll get a hotel but I really want to see if I like RVing, I don't think you can know until you try it.
The best RV is your own RV. You will have your stuff organized in it, and everything ready to go. I love jumping in the van and taking off for one of my favorite spots. 

Since it sounds like you are determined to rent, why not rent a van and pack your stuff in bins? easy to load and unload, and you can stay organized on an economical budget. Check out Bob's video on how to put a cot or bunk in a van. If you have to get any additional camping gear, that is just a bonus to have some new gear to play with on your trip.    ~crofter
This is the AirBNB of RV rentals. Mostly individuals or sometimes very small rental fleets of RVs. It is indeed set up very much like AirBNB but instead of sticks and bricks you can rent their RV for a day, weekend, week or even a month.
I second the suggestion to rent a van for your 5 days.

RV rentals are ridiculously expensive, and you could get a similar experience with a van.

If you have not RV’d before, there is a learning curve to the systems within, which may detract from your enjoyment of such a short trip.

Good luck!
Do be aware there is likely to be a cleaning fee required as part of the rental but it is not quoted as part of the daily rental fee.

Going out into the desert can bring in a considerable amount of dust that gets into every crevice inside of an RV. While the cleaning fees might seem high you need to take that into account as it can take quite a lot of hours to clean up a van that has been to events such as the RTR or Burning Man or even just ordinary BLM camping in the desert. Much depends on the weather conditions, if it is calm it won't take as long, if it is windy then the cleaning time can be considerable.
(11-05-2019, 03:01 AM)maki2 Wrote: [ -> ]This is the AirBNB of RV rentals.....
My ride (Promaster conversion van) is $185 per night in there. Who knew I had such a pricey lifestyle?   ~crofter
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