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Full Version: Mexico murders
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A group of Mormons traveling near the Us/Mx border,on the Mx side was attacked and 9 people were killed including 2 infants.I've enjoyed many trips into Mx in years past but I'm not crazy enough to go anymore.An average of 100 people a day are murdered in Mx.2600 already this year around Tijuana.If you are considering going to Mx,I would advise you to think again.The only safe place in Mx,is Algodonas.
(11-05-2019, 08:33 AM)1shemp Wrote: [ -> ]An average of 100 people a day are murdered in Mx.

Compared to how many murders in the US?
Not to forget the couple whose bodies were found in Texas near the Mexican border.Their rv and truck were seen crossing the border into Mexico before the bodies were found...
(11-05-2019, 11:33 AM)MrNoodly Wrote: [ -> ]Compared to how many murders in the US?
2019 statistics on that: Mexico is one of the most lethal countries to live in (top 15), US is down the list quite a ways (76th) out of 195 countries.
US is only at the top of the list when the most lethal countries are omitted from the statistics, as if US citizens don't travel and do business in Mexico and other dangerous places every day. Some of our favorite destinations in Mexico, and even locally, are quite dangerous, and we manage somehow to come out unscathed when the bullets are flying. I do not have the statistics on that, but my uncle had a saying, that if you do the dangerous thing enough times, eventually your number will come up. Other travellers will say that it is perfectly safe. But no one can deny the body count that is now being unearthed.
The statistics from both sides are available online if you are interested. There are 195 countries in the world, so if the list you are looking at is shorter, it has been altered.
For trips to Algodones, I would caution travellers to go in a group and keep track of each other. It's just common sense. Going in a group is also a good idea for some dangerous but fun places in the US. In Wyoming we had the rule about going to the bar- at least 6 in the group or everyone was staying home.   ~crofter
I would caution accepting the validity of murder statistics in Mexico. I have seen them stating anywhere from almost equal to 3 times the murder rate of the US. Per capita would be the most accurate measurement of the likelihood of being murdered, if those statistics are to be believed.

But you can most certainly single out big cities in the US that trump Mexico's overall murder rate.
Are people more apprehensive about traveling there?
(11-05-2019, 01:06 PM)badmotorscooter Wrote: [ -> ]But you can most certainly single out big cities in the US that trump Mexico's overall murder rate.
Are people more apprehensive about traveling there?
Yes, exactly so. For my preference, I totally avoid boondocking in US cities completely, especially at night (ha).
When you look at statistics are you looking at an actual count of murders of tourist? No of course not, you are also seeing all the murders from gang violence, drug wars, domestic violence, murder for hire, homicides from car accidents such as drunk driving, bar fights that end in a death, etc.

If you want to know how much danger you are in then you need to look at the statistics that specifically concern tourist driving around on the roads in cars, RVs, vans, etc.

Articles such as this one do discuss how to "sort out the wheat from the chaff" on the statistics concerning death of American tourist in Mexico, but it is an article about air tourism so don't look at it as an actual source of statistics for tourist who travel by road.

Statistics are a tough one to sort out unless you know the exact criteria on which the report was based.

Of course we all know that there is a segment of the nomadic RV population who goes into Mexico to indulge themselves in drugs or to purchase drugs to resale. That is a risky business but those do result in a higher murder count which skews the statistics of Americans dying from murder.
(11-05-2019, 01:33 PM)maki2 Wrote: [ -> ]specifically concern tourist driving around on the roads in cars, RVs, vans, etc.
I looked up the US State Department site for their advisory related to tourism.

bove link advises Baja is level 2 (caution due to crime and kidnapping), and the other US border states advises level 3 (reconsider travel for Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon), except for Tamalipas which advises level 4 (do not travel). Read the entire advisory, will list specifics for your destination and safer options like flying versus driving, roads to use.   ~crofter

Here is a map
@maki, I did notice that the statistics presented in the Foxnews article about spring break travel were based on air travel tourism. However they did list 83 murders in Mexico of those air travellers, even though state department does recommend air travel or sea travel to Mexico as safer. I would like to see the stats that include the whole picture on tourism. The essence of the Foxnews article was "go anyway" and Foxnews is not accountable for negative consequences of their advice. I trust the State Department source more due to they are accountable for their advice. ~crofter
I did some more research and these are the latest numbers I came up with.Total number of murders in 2018:US 17000.Mx 31000.In addition there are 30000 people missing in Mx since 2016.Per capita murder rate:US-5.3 per 100000.Mx-25 per 100000.As for tourism,Acapulco is one of the six deadliest cities in Mx.If you go,I wish you good luck.
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