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Full Version: pop up lantern
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(making a new thread to avoid OT'ing on Luci).

I've had one of these pop-up lanterns in the van for a year, and absolutely love it. Runs off 3 AA cells. You can open it up fully for mucho light, or just slide it open a little bit when you get up in the night and don't want yer retinas blasted. Cool  Light hue is pure white but you can wrap paper around it to mellow it out.
While they might not be from Harbor Freight I do have one of those types of COB element LED lanterns and it is rechargeable by plugging an adapter into 110V. There are also others of that type that have a USB cable for recharging. Some also have a cigarette lighter plug for recharging the batteries.

For use of AA or AAA batteries in lanterns I invested in rechargeable batteries and a charger. I have a small inverter of sufficient output to power that battery charger that I plug into my 12v socket while driving. That keeps my LED puck lights, flashlights and computer mice going without having to purchase expensive disposable batteries.

I do like the convenience of having both direct wired in lighting as well as portable lights and a variety of lumen output.
I use an led flashlight pointed at the ceiling for indirect lighting in the van.    ~crofter
The popup lantern does also work off of rechargeables, of which I have a bazillion.

Do you have a link for this light: "COB element LED lanterns"?

In my van, I actually keep a bunch of lights: the small not-too-bright $1 led jobbers from Walmart and HF, a couple of the much brighter single-Led lights from HF, a very high-intensity tactical flash light (typically $10-15, and which can temporarily blind someone undesirable in the night if you shine it right in their eyes), plus I have a 60W equivalent (11W actual) dimmable 120VAC "soft white" Led bulb that I power from the solar battery inverter.

The latter bulb screws into a regular 120VAC lamp and I use an old camping trick. I removed the lampshade, cut the bottom off a 1-gal milk jug and put it over the Led bulb, both to soften the light a bit more and to diffuse the light in all directions. The led light will not melt the plastic jug, as all the heat is generated down at the screw socket.

(amazing how things start out simple, and turn into an encyclopedia!).
I like this little light -

One is plenty bright for reading, and it gloms right onto the wall of my uninsulated van. It will mount with adhesive pads too.