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Full Version: Snap on step van insulatio
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Should I RIP out the pegboard and interior roofing to insulate my snap on step van conv.or can I just paint the pegboard and call it good,also same with the ceiling.Believe the outside of roof is fiberglass.
Welcome to the CRVL forums Taximan! There are differing opinions on insulating. I would insulate - warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer but when a vehicle does get hot in the summer it takes longer for the heat to dissipate if it's insulated and vice-versa for the winter. Having a white vehicle is one of the most important factors in summer heat so you lucked out there.

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If it was me, I'd pull it out and insulate.

If you plan to cool or heat the rig, I would consider it mandatory.
I would take out the peg board too. is it metal pegboard or that pressed saw dust stuff(Masonite). if it's metal I might be interest in buying it off you. highdesertranger