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Full Version: Reflectix/tinted windows
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With some fine tuning they will stay in with friction at least when parked. The smaller ones I finished previously
on the side & rear windows are fine. When driving the vibrations will work them loose over time but that is not a big deal.
I will possibly just have to trim a little or add a little duct tape to an edge to seal tight into the window opening.

I have had my little electric space heater (1500 btu) set on low (ECO) keeping my suburban near 75 in 30 degree temps with no window covering.
My regular Buddy Heater in my uninsulated cargo trailer (7x12) on low will nearly run you out from heat (low 80s)
with outdoor temps in the low 40s. I am wondering about the Wave 3 (which I wanted to buy)??

Thanks, t
About the only thing good about election years is the cheap plastic sign boards. I had not thought to make window covers for the back windows in the van as only really use it in summer right now. But it looks like something I might want to work on. Thank you for the inspiration.
Thanks, But this is the guy that posted the idea:

His are blackout on one side.

Don't forget to have little duct tape tabs that hang out so you can
grab them and pull when you want to pull the panels out. The panels are crammed into the
window frame tight. T
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