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Full Version: Reflectix/tinted windows
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Hi.  I am putting reflectix panels in the back 3/4 of my Chevy Suburban.  It has fairly dark tinted rear windows already.  Will the dark window tinting interfere with the reflecting properties of the inserts?   On the inserts I am using a center of corrugated, plastic, sign board with Reflectix glued to the board on both sides (duct tape around the edges of the insert).  The inserts are about 5/8 of an inch thick.  At this point I am not going to black out either side of the inserts.

Thanks for any input anyone can provide.  

My windows are heavily tinted from the factory. I covered them with Reflectix and it made a huge difference both in reflecting the sun back and keeping the heat in from my Wave 3 heater when it's cold
A single layer of reflectix will give you a R-value of 1... just 1. Double it up and you will get a R-value of 2. Yes, that is some level of insulation and will help... minimally. The foam board you are gluing it on it probably offering you a higher R-value, so that is good. The tint on your windows will already filter out some of the rays so your reflectix will not have to work as hard.

Nevertheless, your inserts will make a huge difference on keeping the interior of the van either warm or cool depending on what you are trying to do. I use reflectix on foam board as well, and Im happy with it. Windows are the biggest things in the van that transfer unwanted hot/cold. Anything you can do to insulate those (even just a towel or light blanket) will pay out handsomely.
Thanks for the replies. I am just getting these in and have not tested anything out in the heat.
Motorvation, Did you put the inserts on the inside? I have heard some cover the outside somehow.
I may think about a layer of insulation, but the rest of the SUV is just regular interior with no insulation.
(12-13-2019, 07:06 PM)trailer-t Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the replies.  I am just getting these in and have not tested anything out in the heat. 
Motorvation,    Did you put the inserts on the inside?  I have heard some cover the outside somehow.
I may think about a layer of insulation, but the rest of the SUV is just regular interior with no insulation.

Yes, on the inside and all I have covering them is the Reflectix. I bought material to make insulated curtains but I haven't had time to get to that. As another poster said, it's not that great as insulation but it's good at what it does. Yours are probably a lot more functional than mine with the layers
BTW. I haven't stripped my former passenger van down to the bare metal inside either. It does have some factory insulation in there which helps a lot. Is it ideal? Nope, but it's better than nothing. Main thing for me is to get on the frigging road and SOON Wink 

I can figure the rest of it out later
Wow! That is a nice build you have there. My Suburban is just a cot with some plastic drawers in back etc. There is good web site I saw from a guy doing the multi-layer reflectix inserts with sign board center in a Prius (I think) with some blackouts. link:

I used liquid nails on mine to glue the layers together and Gorilla tape on the edge. Finished with some white Hurricane tape to finish over the black tape. Not sure if it will hold long term, but looks good for now.

The plastic sign board seems to be some amazing stuff--real light weight like cardboard, but flexible and WAY tougher than it looks--hard to cut with shears, and cheap.

Link to plastic Board:

Thanks again! and good luck on your travels! T
Looks like Tinseltown to me but it'll do for now. The build is what Bob Wells calls a no-build, build. I couldn't wrap my head around building something, so I just found stuff that will fit in there for now. I gave my final notice at work last month and tomorrow (Saturday) is my last night at work.

BTW I tried the Wave 3 in there last winter without covering the windows and they were ice cold. The Reflectix works pretty well for now. I also have insulated blackout curtains dividing the cab from the living space and that also made a big difference...

Hi,  I finally got the oversize Suburban rear panels finished and thought I would post a pic.
The maximum dimension is about 54 inches long by 21 tall.  Without the
sign board center it was nearly impossible to get the oversize reflectix material to stay
in the back window.  The sign board makes the whole panel firm and still flexible. 
With a bit of final trimming-- hopefully these should squeeze in and stay put??    T
They look good. I'm not sure if they'll stay by themselves but that should be easy enough to take care of.

You'll be glad you went to all that trouble. Just Reflectix, like I have over my windows, isn't going to cut it in a cold climate. It went down to 45 one night here. I had the Wave 3 on high, with good ventilation and it was acceptable but a little chilly away from the heater. I could feel the cold coming off the windows and plastic window trim away from the heater. It'll do for now when I'm dressed for it but I'm not planning to go anywhere that's frigid
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