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Full Version: Nevada Hot Springs??
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Looking for info on FREE hot springs headed north in Nevada. Going thru Beatty, Tonopah, Austin, and Winnemucca, then into Oregon. Driving a motorhome, so can't get into rough terrain and too old to hike real far.
Sure would enjoy some soak time, so any info would sure be nice. Clothing optional are our favorite choices :-)

bindi&us, Nevada is full of hot springs.  most are kinda remote.  I do know of a couple you could drive a mh to.  I really don't like giving info of were to go over the net.  before you know it your favorite spot is a zoo.  if you are still interested pm me.  by the route you gave you must be headed to eastern orygon,  i'll be headed up that way in 2 months what general area are you headed for.  highdesertranger
Bend, Astoria, Portkand, and a few other places.
Will shoot you PM in a bit....gotta get to better wifi.
PM sent