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Full Version: Used Radimini eBike value
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Hey guys, going to look at a Radmini folding ebike soon, 2018 front/rear racks/fenders and suspension seat post, about 800 mi., says no issues with battery, been laid down a couple of times so will have some minor cosmetic damage.

Think I can get it for approx $900

Thoughts on the deal?? You buyin' or sellin' Big Grin
That is almost half of the price of a new one with the racks added. Sounds like it could be a good purchase. Check for damaged chain, sprockets. etc. Run it through all the gears when taking a test ride and check the brakes before you take off.
I'm not really sure how that big front rack will affect the ability to fold it, or how easily it will be to lift after might have the seller show you how it folds...the frame, the handlebar stem, and the pedals. When you pack it up, it is much easier to lift if you remove the seat and the battery. 

But having said that, I sure like my RadMini, in fact, I just got back from a ride...
Be sure to check the number of miles to get an idea of how many charge cycles the battery has gone through. Check the rear spokes for looseness as the motor torque can cause problems if full throttle starts were common. If it needs a battery, tires and has spoke problems I would just get a new one, I've put over 1,000 miles on mine with few problems.
dang, that's more money then I have spent on most vehicles I have owned. highdesertranger
Agree w/ HDR on the expense but it fits a need for me now and in the future, they're well built, good customer support and folding makes it attractive to types of folks that I am around, if I decide to sell it. Being on my own as much as I am it's a good emergency transportation as I could injured enough to not be able to drive a manual and still be able to get on and ride. However, it has lots of other upsides for me as well.

@TI thought the same thing about the racks and folding issues but more than likely I'll carry it on a rack.

Gonna take a look at 10 am tomorrow.

Did find out that to order certain replacement parts you have to register the bike w/ orig owners name, phone number and orig order #. Theft deterrent policy.
If the battery (around $300-400 to replace) is fully capable of taking a full charge, and nothing wrong with the remainder of the bike, that is a good deal. I mounted a front hub 36V 500 W motor with a 12AH bottle battery. This bike is an 29" IronHorse 3.2 Warrior mountain bike has full suspension, and dual disc brakes.

Mounting the motor in the front retains all of my rear gears (2 wheel drive), and runs as fast as 28 mph in speed range 5, but cruises for 30 miles at speed level 2 (about 12 mph), and if I ever want to return it to stock, I can do so in about an hour.......all for $700 total.
They ARE heavy, around 80 pounds or so, but again, removing the seat and battery which only takes 15 seconds or so, makes them a bit easier to lift, and less prone to theft.
Well I pulled the trigger and got the bike w/add ons, lock, helmet for $900. I was surprised by the during my test ride...seems like a nice piece of equipment.
Will need a new handlebar shifter as the original was damaged, which he told me of in our negotiations.

Now to look at making the tires as puncture resistant as I can. Goat head thorns are a scourge. In the past when I lived in Phoenix I found success with Schwalbe Marathon, Mr. Tuffy lines and heavy duty tubes. Can't find any Schwalbe tires my size so off to research.
Some friends have one and love it. I assume it folds even with the front rack on it? I would think they would design the rack so it would. My friends only have the rear rack.
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