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Full Version: Algodones dentures
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I didn't see a health/medical forum so I hope it's okay to put this here. 

Watched a lot of videos and read a lot of blogs about dental care in Mexico.  I am in need of a lot of extractions and then full upper and lower dentures.  I'm trying to get some hard numbers (or as close as I can get) so I can budget for it.  I have emailed a couple dentists in Algodones but it seems difficult to estimate without knowing what kind of extractions they will have to perform.  I'm hoping someone here will have had experience similar to what I may have.  I'd also like to know details about how long it took to get the dentures, whether you had temporary teeth or went around with gums all hanging out (not a pretty picture).  And recovery time as well.  If you got dentures, were you happy with them once you left since you can't exactly keep going back as you would with a family dentist in a sticks and bricks.
I took my nephew down there and really thought they’d have to yank anything he had left. They managed to save all his teeth that he had left but did yank a wisdom tooth.

He had to have a deep cleaning/scaling. Numerous cavities filled, two bridges, and took off metal from his front teeth and replaced it with white natural looking material. It took three days and about $3,000. I can’t even imagine what that would face cost in the states. I know my mom once had a $10,000 dollar bridge.

JP Dental in Algodones. I highly recommend them.