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Full Version: [split]off road towing
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High Desert Ranger’s gold camp taken yesterday. Sadly my hubby is twisted in a knot from the cold and a terrible back. We are going to head out sometime today when it gets warm and head back to Quartzsite.

We were up rock hunting in Burro Creek near Wikieup, AZ right before we came here and I jackknifed the crap outta my rig and trailer going down a dirt road without a great place to turn around. Have a repair appt in Yuma the middle of February but don’t know yet if my trailer is covered.

I’m sick every time I look out the window here as I look right at it.

[Image: 4696d60a839faafd5efb4ca6bf6a24a1.jpg]

I was alone when it happened so had no spotter to get me turned. I can’t back up worth a hoot. I didn’t hear or feel anything at all and didn’t even know I had done it until I got back to my camp.
Sorry to see that damage.  You just convinced me to have a full time rear camera when towing.

Ehrenberg was warm today.  76 degrees in the afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing you and John again.
yep Cammalu and John bugged out this morning. safe journey guys. highdesertranger
We landed south of Havasu for the night. Back to YARC Camp tomorrow and to do laundry, check mail, etc. Masterplumber is down from CO Springs and at La Posa North so we will also swing by there tomorrow. Back to cutting up rocks to see what we have found at Burro Creek.
Ouch! That is more than a ding. Will take some body work to get fixed up. This is where full coverage pays for itself.  -crofter
I just don’t know if the trailer is covered by my rv insurance yet.

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Cam ,

Dang - hope all works out ok
There was a really good sequence on Panda Monium youtube channel recently. She had bought a new ATV and a cargo trailer to pull it in. In this video she was being given a tutorial on how to pull the trailer and how to back up in it. Including how to learn not to hit it with the tow vehicle when doing a sharp backup. There are all kinds of great tips from the friend who was teaching her. It is a good video to bookmark for practice sessions. Here is a link to the video.
I wish people would ask questions before they buy trailers. I feel it is essential on a trailer taken off the highway to have an extra long tongue. you MUST be able to jackknife the trailer when turning around in some situations. of course the long tongue is no guaranty of no damage and you still need to know what you are doing, but it's a huge advantage. buying a standard trailer off the lot is a recipe for disaster. there are other things to consider but the tongue is number one or two. LOL highdesertranger
HDR, what are the things an offroad trailer needs? I'm one of the city people who has no clue. I can think of a few things besides the extra long tongue, maybe larger diameter, 10 ply tires, more ground clearance, brakes, spare tire, shock absorbers, well battened down interior, ground clearance, weight distributing hitch?... Your experience will be invaluable.
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