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Full Version: one for the mods
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here's a ?  why does my computer say I am logged in and I can post but I am not on the list at the bottom that show's everyone who's online and the little button next to my screen name say's I am not online.  just curious.  no biggy.  highdesertranger
Forum may be locked.

Check your control panel, You may have the "Hide" checked.

James AKA Lynx
thanks lynx,  today it's working fine.  next time i'll check that.  highdesertranger
when i spoke to tech support this week they said they have been working on the website[s]. it was supposed to go on for several days. if any problems persist, i will check on them. good to know it has fixed itself. for now.

thanks Katie.  on a side note I have been dying to ask,  were does two knifes come from?  highdesertranger

ok just went to your blog and saw the knives.  so cool.  I will read up later.  highdesertranger