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Full Version: Mid-Atlantic
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I’m going to test out my SUV for camping this spring and fall (not summer because way too humid out here).  What’s a reliable source for remote camping locations (where I won’t hear/see much of my neighbors)? This would be in the Mid-Atlantic (MD, VA, WV, PA). I could go a little further for week long trips. Allstays?
Check the USDA-Forest Service sites. When I lived in DC one of my favorite camping spots was Hone Quarry near Harrisonburg,VA:

The info isn't always up-to-date but it's a pretty fair guide to different areas.
In PA forests they have free sites with picnic table and fire ring. Tuscarora is the Pa state forest is my go to, One hundred free sites -most very private, you must register with forestry office, 10 day limit but no problem moving on to another on in the same forest. Cat holes ok.
Dolly Sods in West Virginia is very isolated and due to it's elevation does not get as hot as surrounding areas.
Dolly Sods is a great place - birding there is fantastic as well as the wildflowers. I have never tried to camp there do you know what the rules are for boon-docking.? is that a WV or Federal property? KEEP THIS LINK GOING WITH OTHER POSSIBLE CAMPING SITES FOR INDIVIDUALS AND OR HOWA CARAVANS.