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Full Version: Exterior Rubber Coating
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Hi ...

I've seen a few videos where people have coated the exterior of their vans/RVs with some sort of rubber coating. I think it's like a truck bed liner. I think I've seen black, green and white. Does anyone know the name of this product/products and can anyone comment on advantages/disadvantages?

I'm looking for something to make an old vehicle more durable and also to reflect heat. I would use white.
We have friends who used MONSTALINER as a van paint...…..The bed liner they used had a slight shine so it looked great with regular paint

They used a similar color to the original ………..coating the roof and lower body panels to cover damage/repairs...…carefully taping and masking ………....when finished it had a subtle two-tone effect
Van-Tramp used Monstaliner.

Here's his blog page with the details:
Just use the keywords "white truck bed liner paint" You will find several brands of it around. Then you can look at reviews on those brands and hopefully some youtube videos showing specific bands being applied.