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Full Version: ONN Walmart outdoor antenna.
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Purchased this antenna a few months ago and happy with the channels and image quality received. Miles from broadcast network antennas and yet still get Survivor in full 1080hd.
Luv it. 4k video quality with 150 mile range $25.
Sold and shipped by Walmart. Currently out of stock, use notify in stock or other models slightly more expensive. 
For the price, is a no brainier, even if you have to replace every year. Mine has gone through 40+ mph winds with no issue.
Comes with 35 ft of cheap coax, remote, booster and built in rotating motor. Mount on a cheap 3/4 or 1" 10 foot conduit and your in business with no cost tv entertainment. Heart Thumbs Up Big Grin

Link to antenna which was received in 2 days
sold by Walmart and shipped to store.Electronics clerk was kind enough to order for me and paid in store.

Can often see the same or similar model in store for $50. Fyi
What DC voltage is stated as the output on the 110V AC to DC adapter for the electrical amplifier?
Comes with hard wired wall adapter with output of 15v and 300 mA
thanks,  I guess I will pass on this unit and get an antenna booster than runs on 12v.
I use this one here at the home station and it comes with a USB plug, meaning it can be powered with a normal USB outlet:


It works well at my location.
Here is a cheap voltage booster that would allow you to run it off 12V without have to run an inverter:
(04-17-2020, 06:27 PM)maki2 Wrote: [ -> ]thanks,  I guess I will pass on this unit and get an antenna booster than runs on 12v.

In reality, the difference between an unregulated small wall adapter rated at 15v and your typical regulated dc power available in an RV or van that will be around 13 point something is only a volt or two. As long as the connector and polarity are correct, it should work.

If the antenna is grounded to a mast that is also grounded to the vehicle, it is important that the power input jack (usually at the TV end of the cable) is marked for tip positive and sleeve or barrel negative....and most are.