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Full Version: California to North Carolina RV Rental
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Didn’t see this coming. My son and young family live in the SFO California area and have decided to try moving back to NC during the time of Covid. DIL has been instructed to work at home until the end of the year. My son also is on work at home orders. Childcare is shut down in their area for who knows how long. Luckily, they can continue working using technology. Aircraft transportation is out of the equation due to exposure risks so they are considering renting an RV to make the journey.

Does anyone have ideas how to go about renting a one-way RV and how to find open stops for rest/sleep during this time? I really appreciate your comments and advice.
Cruise America has a page with information about how they are dealing with rentals during the coronavirus pandemic.

 Campendium's site has options to search for open campgrounds.
Thanks for the links. It is a place to start.