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Full Version: Casting Call, TV pilot
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Casting Call for Adventurous Nomads.

Bob and I had the pleasure of speaking with Martha from Blast! Films yesterday. We appreciate that she is focusing her pilot on the enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of living in a home on wheels -- venturing where most people would never think of going.

If you are interested in this gig, or just want more information, email Martha at

Here is more info from Marth at Blast! Films --

Hello to the Home on Wheels community!

My name is Martha and I’m writing from an award-winning British production company Blast! Films. We are developing a TV show with a major US network and are looking for folks who spend at least half the year living, and traveling the country, in their outfitted vehicle — be it a Van, Land Cruiser, Jeep, Bus, RV, truck or full-size expedition vehicle.

In particular we are seeking folks who operate in an off-road vehicle, whose full- or part-time nomadic lifestyle enables them to make a living: working in the trapping, mining, fishing, construction, logging or workamping fields, for example. However, we are not limited by this criteria and we would encourage all people with an interesting story to reach out.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This show is not a social commentary piece, we are solely looking for great characters with an interesting narrative. This is a positive project following America’s modern-day pioneers: a community that share values of adventure, trade, exploration - and of course a readiness to leave the safety net of more settled living. We want to show how this community of people are living history - following in the footsteps of America’s greatest transient heroes.

If you would like to find out more about this project please shoot me an email at Of course, emailing for additional information in no way contracts you to the production — it’s totally cool to just drop a note to find out more. Thank you.
Count me in.I missed out on the Life below zero and Survival shows but now I can be a hero.
I did a Skype call this morning (6/3/20) with Stephanie Macindoe of Blast. She asked various questions about how I got into the life, how I support myself, how I spend my time, the challenges of nomad living, about the nomad community, etc. She said they're in the VERY early stage of things and that it'll be months before they actually make the pilot. IF they make the pilot. But she'll keep me posted. I don't know if I fit with whatever it is they're looking for. Blast has their ideas but I'm sure whatever network they try selling the concept to will have their ideas, too. So I'll wait and see what happens.
Is anyone here really off road? My van loves the well maintained blacktop roads, with minimal dirt between the tire treads. When I had my 4X4 truck I was off road all the time, but not so much in the van.