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Full Version: Florence, OR camping open
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I want to thank everyone again regarding Prescott, A Z information! We stayed in the Thumb Butte Loop camp area and it was great! Now in Florence, OR lot docking and having trouble finding anything open anyone know of anything! By the way, stayed in the Susanville, CA Walmart one night and that was good. Also if anyone has any tire or mechanical problems near there check out the tire service Nextdoor! Excellent people and service!
It appears there is dispersed camping in the Oregon Dunes area, at the Siltcoos Area
Thank you, I’ll check it out. Several of the national forests campgrounds are still closed.

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Jeff. Florence is my favorite area along the OR coast. There is a guy who used to post to this forum who is based in that general area, and has lots of info on traveling the west coast.

In general, there is a paucity of easy camping spots along the OR coast, and people have mentioned the easiest thing is to drive inland a few miles into the NF, but right now the open/closed situation is a problem everywheres. There are a few State Parks along the coast, but more expensive and always booked when I tried. May be closed now too. I think most of the state prohibits camping along the coastal highway. 

Near Florence, there is the Oregon National Seashore stretching down to Coos Bay, but appears to be closed. Beautiful area and that's where I camped, besides in a wonderful NF CG on the Rogue River up towards Agnes. Watch out for the very loose sand along the beach.
Thanks Qxxx, we are in a lot by a discount grocery and have been left alone so far. Going to check out all options tomorrow. It is a beautiful place came here 2 years ago and really liked it.

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Also, thank you Desertthorn.

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Ah, I just remembered, in Florence is the Three Rivers Casino, and that's been a favorite of youtubers for free parking lot camping. Also, looking on google maps I see there are 2 more casinos down in Coos Bay, and one up in Lincoln City. You'll have to check the specific situations. I also liked Lincoln City for hiking along the beach.
You just hit it at the cusp of change where in the last few days in Oregon more places are now beginning to open up again for dispersed camping.
Dispersed camping on the state forest lands in now open but the developed campgrounds are still closed.
Thanks again everyone, we are newbies at this. Actually left Missouri the night it was going to be shut down. Probably a bad time to start but we wanted out of there. I used to tent camp in Minnesota and Wisconsin even in the winter but this nomadic life is very New to us. We are enjoying our life but also are discovering things we need to change, some of which I would done before we left but ran out of time

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Never fear, we were all newbies at one time. After a couple of months you'll have it pretty much figured out. I have a friend who is dispersed camping back in MI and WI, and they are opening things up as of this past week, so the western National Forests should be following suit pretty soon. They each seem to have their own schedules.

BTW, be aware that we are coming into summer fire season now, and OR, WA, and CA have had pretty nasty wildfires over the past several years, so keep aware of what is happening as you travel that area. Don't get yourself caught in some back road in the forest where there is only "one" outlet. Common sense.
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