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Full Version: Minivans for those in need of a home
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Apply for a Minivan from Home On Wheels Alliance (HOWA)!  If you are in need of a home, perhaps a "turn key" minivan made for camping and travel will suit you.  Unlike HOWA's past Build Outs, these next minivans will be No-Build Builds, using pre-made furnishings and suitcase-type solar.

To learn more and apply, go to  And join us in thanking Lectric eBikes for sponsoring these two minivans!

We look forward to hearing from you. Start your application today!
I like that idea. If the recipient at some point gets a whim to change something, or a S&B they can use it like a soccor mom! Smile Or... whatever.
I was thinking yesterday to myself, if a way say kits could be put together that dont cost $5000 + a company to build out. Something for the novice or people that have 30 days and no budget to put something together, 45 year old Mom who is running from abusive husbands that dont have a clue,,,,,, Almost a van/car "bug out kit?",,For say $500??? (take your own seats out) You get some kind of raised piece together bed/ sleeping mat/drawers/stove/utensils/curtains/small solar charger & 60w panel and a little mr buddy,,,,Of course I am no engineer and those were just stuff off the top of my head,,But the idea of just basic kits that once the seats are pulled and a very minimal investment,,,NOT FOR PROFIT,,,kits put together by van dwellers for van dwellers than are tried and true things that work, to get the newcomer that has just lost everything a place to breathe for the next couple months,,,,Or maybe even be able to donate a vehicle to be fixed up for the next person and get a finished project,,,idk, just ideas????
(09-09-2020, 10:56 PM)JuanKnucklehead Wrote: [ -> ]....the idea of just basic kits that once the seats are pulled and a very minimal investment....
The "no build build" is what you are thinking of. My $750 van build took a month and cost $750.
(09-09-2020, 11:29 PM)crofter Wrote: [ -> ]The "no build build" is what you are thinking of. My $750 van build took a month and cost $750.
In the video, Bob says the no build build costs a couple hundred, many people have the components already in their house.  Here is the link for the solar part of the no build build, cost a couple hundred. Combined, cost should be within your $500 budget.
Description: you tube video
I understand the "No-Build" build & as a older man with no carpentry or electrical skills (to speak of, i can read a tape and run a skill saw, lol) I could do it.
I am thinking the person who has no tech skills whatsoever, Ends up standing in the store for 2hrs just trying to figure out kind of camp light to buy. (again i fall back on a female running from a abusive relationship that has no clue, Because its the most dramatic i guess)
  They contact HOWA, tell them their van/car and either pickup or mail, a kit that fits your vehicle (beds can be fickle,,lol) and necessities. For that model vehicle arrives 
She/he takes out their seats, buy food and in 30min (and a full solar charge) they are ready for a week in the woods
I dont know,,I think of things and throw them out there & hope someone smarter than me hears it & thinks "Now that might work"  and see what sticks???? 
And again, I was thinking a non-profit trade in program, You trade your vehicle in to be fixed up and made ready for the next guy (and for a nominal fee) You get a road ready unit set to live in.
I have a 07 Honda Odyssey in great condition, (Blue Book 3500-4000) , Now I can rip the seats out and with my limited skills, I can build me something semi comfortable to live in, Go over and over van build videos 10.000x, Then still forget/overlook 100's of things, Plywood upside down, now always have a ass full of splinters, lol,,, Make 1 mistake and buy a crappy solar charger that takes 2 days to charge (now you are screwed) and destroy the value of my van in the process.
Now a NOT FOR PROFIT program, Where a van is say 4k, You are given 3k credit for your DONATION & for 1k you have a ven/car (depending on donation) You have a road worthy vehicle to live in.
I would seriously consider donating my van for a ready van, knowing my van will be going to the next person in line.
And to be sitting somewhere and look up & see your old vehicle sitting somewhere all fixed up with the new proud owner of something they could never do themselves, Comfortable and making it,,,,I dont know, but i think it would make a person awful proud, even in their own time of need, their donation helped the next person???