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Full Version: Hollywood is discovering nomads as plot material
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Here's a trailer for a movie out this month that appears to center around some vanlifers.

The Short History Of The Long Road
Well, hey, anything with Danny Trejo can't be too bad.
Thanks for sharing that.   Some time back they made a movie titled, "The Lady in the Van" with Maggi Smith. 

I'm surprised they never produced Gurney Norman's story of,  "Divine Right's Trip".

The Lady in the Van

Divine Rights Trip
Oh Heck yeah!

I'm down for that. Since it's on Filmrise, it'll probably be available on Netflix or Amazon.

Two words: Danny Trejo.

Thanks, Pleasant Travels !

Don't forget Nomadland, the book by Jessica Bruder and then the movie, starring Frances Mcdormand. It comes out this year. Not strictly about vandwelling but it does touch on it.

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RVs, road trips, nomads and the like have been fodder for Hollywood for years. Starting with the show Route 66, also available on Amazon Prime.
The Lady in the Van was a great movie. I’ve seen a fair amount of films where people lived in alternative housing.
Since this website skews older (yesterday I watched a van life video where the kid said it was mostly young people on the road because old people couldn’t do it. The selfishness of the young) Many of us camped and traveled in vans and campers and RVs in our childhood s. And many people lived in vans during my childhood. I remember camping in Baja on the beach as a child and retired Americans partying like crazy in super cheap Mexican RV parks we also stayed at. I was shocked at how wild those old folks were-drinking and singing and dancing all night. This is not a new topic in films or in life. It’s just become a thing and now everything is on social media and looks fun. Like everything else it’s not new. Read the history. It’s fascinating.
Hey thanks, Iggy.

I didn't know they were making a movie of Nomadland.

Frances McDormand? You betcha -- looking forward to seeing that.

Read the book. It’s non-fiction unlike the film.
Searchlight has the rights but doesn’t have any release date or any other information.
Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that. You would have to fictionalize it to make a movie out of it -- DUH! --

I'll look for the movie anyway, since it has Frances McDormand in it.

Loved the book. I thought it was a real treat, and it has lots of info about seasonal work out on the road. That's probably the part they're able to weave a story line into.

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