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Full Version: Ground clearance - is it really an issue?
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vagari sometimes you can tell right off if a road is good or bad sometimes you can't.  many roads on blm and forest service lands are maintained by some level of government state, county, blm or forest service.  some aren't maintained by anybody.  some are maintained for a certain distance then the maintenance stops.  then there is the situation where the road is fine when you drive in but a storm blows though and you try to get out and even that well maintained road turn into a slippery mess.  driving on wet clay is like driving on ice.   imho driving on back country roads takes experience you will not learn how without actually doing it.  you must know your limitations and not exceed those limits.  I have been doing this my whole life and have made many mistakes myself,  try to learn from your mistakes if you don't you're in trouble but you could say that about life in general.  the best advice I can give you is to go with someone whose has been there done that,  ask questions and learn.  highdesertranger
complete agree with highdesertranger.  and please get a safety beacon.  its cheap insurance for getting yourself stuck in the desert twenty miles away from any live person. 
CB or Ham will work as well. Ham is better.

James AKA Lynx
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