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Full Version: FORUM CHANGES!
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You may have noticed that the forum has been crashing a lot lately. This is most likely due to a few of the plugins that are not compatible with the forum software.

 So tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, June 21, the thank you button will disappear. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. If it doesn't there may be more changes but I'll give you a warning beforehand.
You mean all of us that hit the 'Thank You' button broke the forum???

Here I was thinking it was my dry sense of humor.

(06-20-2020, 08:47 PM)tx2sturgis Wrote: [ -> ]Here I was thinking it was my dry sense of humor.

Let's hope they don't have to delete that!
Too bad. The Thank You button helps us little people know if our posts are useful to others. Also, it's always fun when yer doin' better than a guy like Tex who has been on the forum for years ,and is one of the inner circle. (jk).



(and by the way, ask the mods how many of my offending posts have ended up in the me, it's a bunch...)
And it's gone.
It just crashed for me for a few minutes. Not a long time like before though.
Goodbye ThankYou Button. I'll miss you.
Here we go again, gets mean around here without an easy way to say thank you.
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