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Full Version: For the newbies (Insulation pics)
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Insulation pics. 1" pink/purple foam (Home Depot), I saw this in blue at Lowes. Poly shield, White pebbley stuff with reflective material on one side. R Max, foam with reflective material on one side and last is the Reflectix everyone raves about (Lowes), small bubble bubble wrap with reflective material on both sides.  Everyone knows about the pink fluff fiberglass stuff so I didn't post that.
that polyshield is very similar to the Plastifab/Durofoam that I use and buy up here in Ontario Canada. There is no Lowes close to me so I do not go there, thanks for posting though in case I every feel the need to visit one of them.

At Home Depot, they have a more generic brand of metal tape, it is so much easier to use than the official tape that they recommend. Wish I could remember the name, sorry.