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Full Version: Predator 2000 Generator
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This was not what I wanted to purchase. I was after a Predator 3500 but they were all sold out for miles. I decided to settle on the 2000 and see what would happen.
The price was $500 plus tax and the cost of a years 'no questions asked' replacement warranty totaling $606. 
I used it solidly with no breaks for 2 weeks while I got a job and fixed the Honda (again). it is superb. Very quiet, quieter than the Honda 2000 I have. It is economical and easy to start. 
I only had one problem. The pullcord snapped off. I took it apart yesterday and was able to pull enough extra cord out to fix it. 
I know this is going to sound like heresy but to be honest I like this better than the Honda EU2000i that I have. Lots of reasons but the main one is that it is just as good if not better for half the price. A Honda is over a $1,000 with no fuel gauge. The Predator does burn a wee bit of oil. A very small amount and it has stopped the engine once for this. A quick top up and it runs again for another week. No problem. 
I know Honda is supposed to be the Rolls Royce but mine has given me plenty of trouble over the last year and a half and I am about done taking that carb apart. It is noisier and can't resist surging no matter what I do. The Predator is quieter and more reliable. 
I think it was $606 well spent. Maybe next time I can find a 3500 version with the electric start.
I have the 3500 and do make sure to do the oil changes! The first two were full of casting sand and a few metal machining flakes. Also make sure to use the Denso or NGK spark plug as some came with a low quality plug that gave problems. Use some spray cleaner to keep the spark arrestor from plugging up and causing the engine to be difficult to start. There are lots of how to videos on all this. I use a small amount of Stabile 360 while using modern gasoline. After 100 hours mine stopped oil usage and runs great the only problem I have had has been the starting battery if it sits for several days but it is easily started usually on the first pull. I now have around 600 hours on mine and it is still really quiet. I would definitely buy another as with a coupon and sale With 2 year warranty I believe I paid less than $600 a bout a year ago.