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Hello out there,
I was wondering if there is no-build insulation for a van. I will probably end up with a cargo van-I'm looking into an older econoline. But there is no one to help me with the insulation and I don't have the capability to do a full-on insulation myself. I am far away from help and need to do it myself. Does anyone know about maybe stick-on insulation? Or have any other ideas for me to try?
I am having to get my rig ready and out of where I am during the pandemic in about 5-6 months.
Thank you for any help or ideas that you guys can give.
That is indeed a very good question. And one that many people have experimented quite a bit with, over the years.  So I doubt that there are any quick or easy answers to this one.

So most likely you will need to experiment, and learn as you go, and find solutions that work for you.

What kind of outside temperatures do you think you need to deal with?
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Dianna,  "you for any help or ideas that you guys can give. )  they make spray foam kits that are self contained, no power or air compressor, etc. They are a bit pricey .  They are  kind of easy to use once you get the hang of the expansion rate. Great R factor. You would have to cover though because the results are fairly ugly.
You have to be careful of canned spray foam. Most sold at the home improvement stores are open cell foam. Open cell foam can absorb moisture and lead to mold or rust. Use only closed cell foam if you decide to go this route.

If you will be using a propane heater that is not vented, it will put a lot of water vapor in the van as water vapor is a byproduct of combustion. Opening a window is probably not enough as the water vapor will condense on the insulation.
B and C  good point on closed cell foam.
The best way and easiest is to use a hotgluegun and just hotglue the foam. Cut the foam into small sections and hotglue it like a jigsaw puzzle. You can hotglue multiple layers as needed. I got about 6 layers on the roof. Its a very good installation and won't come by itself. In 8 years never had any foam come off by itself.

Hotglue has no fumes and dries in minutes, and sticks easily to metal and foam. Just wear gloves so you do burn yourself when installing the foam. You can get a 60 watt gun that runs on a small 150 watt inverter. Since it dries quickly it won't take long to finish installing the insulation. Add multiple layers if you plan on spending alot of time in cold weather, it works excellent. All you need is a box cutter to cut the foam. You can buy a 5 pound box of hotglue for 25 dollar on ebay or amazon, the generic gluesticks work good, just make sure you buy ones that fit the gluegun.

I use the rtech foam found at home depot, the 1/2 inch 4x8 foot will cost you about 9 dollars.

This is the gluegun I use surebonder dt-360f
Hi MrAlvinDude,
Thank you for the reply. I figure to be in AZ or Nevada in Dec or Jan. I will try not to move to far in my first year. But the best laid plans these days seem at best to be fluid.
I actually went to AMZ and checked out Bob's book and could read about his first van. He talks about making his bed on top of 4 18gal Rubbermaid storage bins, which is what I am planning and then for a floor he just threw a rug in and called it good. But I know I need more than that. I wish I knew if the Van Build was happening but again-who knows about these things now.
Bob also talks about Reflectix and space blankets and caulking all the drafts and gettin a cover of something on the roof. I couldn't get to the part where he says what to cover it with. I think I can do something like this, at least for the floor and the bed.
Do you know anything about styrofoam insulation? I also thought of keeping the clothes that I was going to pass on to Goodwill and stuffing them in the crevasses of the steel walls in a cargo van. Now that would be a good reuse of stuff if I ever heard of one Smile
Thanks again I very much appreciate it
Thank you so much RV Dreams,
I have been mostly on the other channel for about 3 years. I will take more time to read the Tips, Tricks and Rules over again.
I haven't been here for so long. Now I am sort of starting to reach out as the months seem to go by so fast and I need to get my butt in gear and get out of where I am at. And that is going to be hard because I don't even have my DL renewed. The DMV is closed in CA after the latest call to stay at home. It is looking like I will be flying by the seat of my pants in the near future.....Diana
Hi bagabum,
whoa boy, thank you for the info. Are they styrofoam? I read in Bob's book about styrofoam. But couldn't get much more than that-I was reading his book on AMZ. I don't know if I would have the energy for this. But I will definitely try to find out about it. Does the foam just keep growing and growing? That could give me creepy vibes of like the Body Snatchers or something! Especially if it is really, really ugly! I am joking of course. But I think I would be better to find maybe something with a bit more form to it. And I don't really even know about the R factor but I guess the higher the better? I will look into this most definitely. Who knows what I could manage if it comes to that. Thank you for the info.
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