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Full Version: LED light strips?
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Can someone recommend an LED (color) light strip that runs straight off 12V battery (no AC plug)? All I can find use a 110 AC plug and converts the power to DC. I don't always have access to AC power.
I have this USB powered model on my wish list at Amazon:

A lot of the strip lights come with a 120V AC converter to 12V DC. Cut the wall wart off and use a 12V buck/boost controller in its' place.
Cut off the AC plug and wire it straight to your 12V system.
The 12V system can vary voltage a lot, from a high of 14.4 (while charging) to a low of ?? Even a rested battery will have a voltage of about 12.8 or so. This is the reason I recommend a buck/boost voltage adapter, to keep the voltage at a constant 12V. I try not to use my van as a test bed with electricity. Too much voltage could make the LEDs get overly hot and start a fire or too low voltage and ruin the lights. The USB powered lights need just a USB power port.
I'll probably go with a usb set up. Thanks for the input.
I realize this thread is pretty stale... But LED light strips work fine in my experience directly on 12V (or slightly lower or higher). I have one plugged into the light output of an Inergy Kodiak, which is unregulated 12V. It ranges from about 11 volts to 12.5, and it's never caused an issue. The lights just get dimmer when the voltage gets low and brighter when it gets high. I've had it running like that several hours a day for about 4 years.

That said, 6 feet of LED light strip is about 15 watts, depending on how many LEDs per foot. Half as many as mine would be 7.5 watts per 6 feet. If you're looking for maximum efficiency an LED light strip might not be the ultimate.