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Full Version: Lost a partner, but still traveling
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Hey there, new to the forum havent posted an introduction yet. Poked around and found this category and thought itd be a good place to start. Ive been full timing for 4 years with my partner (theyve been on road most their life) but theyve passed away last year. I still continue in our CRV, removed the passenger seat and made bed shorter. Have any of you lost your partner while on the road and if so how do you go on? I find myself maintaining the life we had (nothing else fits right) and with quarantine im spending so much time in the CRV where we did so.

Dont want to make it seem so gloomy but I do feel like Mad Max when he lost his family: just left for the road to nowhere.
Welcome to the CRVL forums FreeWheeling. I'm so sorry about your partner. Will it be possible for you to go to Quartzsite next winter? A lot of us will be there whether there is an RTR or not. It'll be a good place to meet other nomads and maybe join a group. Most people will be doing some form of social distancing which is easy to do out in the desert.

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Sorry to hear this....I'm guessing its very lonely.....and yeah, a lot of us are in the same situation....kinda isolated....just hang in there....
Losing a partner is really tough when you're older. It's hard to move on. Letting go is a gradual process, some things can be left behind easier than others. How you feel is how you feel, and if continuing to live as you did feels comfortable to you now, then don't force yourself to do something different.

What you need to do is find a new interest or renew an old interest that you've dropped. Easier said than done, but if, for example, you've always wondered what tree that is that you're looking at, or how to speak Spanish, find some books and start learning. Whatever it is, there will be an online community for you to connect with, and maybe there are some folks here that you can meet in real life. 

It works better to get interested in something new than to actively try to discipline yourself to stop thinking about what you've lost.

You can do this.
Not quite so easy to make new connections with people this year. But  you will have had time to come to terms with your loss before doing much in the way of social engagements.